Mary Kate Olsen

There is nothing cuter than two blond small twins, or so we think after seeing the success that Mary Kate and Ashley Olson had in the Full House series at the age of one. They started young and grew to be respectable actresses together but also as individuals. Mary Kate is also a producer and more important, she is a fashion designer so I guess it would be safe so say that at the age of 20 years, she has the world at her feet.

As we can see from this picture, even celebrities that have been under the spotlight almost their whole life, can sometimes make mistakes and prove that fashion disasters can happen to anyone. This red suit worn as she was leaving her hotel clearly doesn’t give this young fashion designer the credit she might deserve but, in her defense, she does seem pretty confident with her look. Take aside the bad suit and you will see the interesting hair style, where are the days where we saw her golden hair dance in the wind? I guess those days are behind us and those big sunglasses are only good to hide you face after a long night. The last item on the fashion list would be the sandals which actually look decent in a way and she might just pull them off.

I guess mistakes are bound to happen and we can’t judge her too much without reminding ourselves that she is only in her 20’s and there is still time to learn from her mistakes, and chances are there will be quite a few. Continue Reading

How To Choose The Best Spring Coat

Spring can be a difficult season in terms of fashion, as most people find it really hard to get something properly to wear due to the changing weather. This is why it is always a good choice to have a nice spring coat around that you can wear over your clothes. These spring coats are also great for autumn and even the beginning of winter as they can be combined in various ways with different accessories and clothing.

Spring coats are usually made from fabrics that don’t keep you that warm but offer some protection in case of rain or wind. The best thing about them is the fact that you can wear them with almost anything, from jeans to dresses.

If you want to go for a casual look, you can always combine a coat with a nice pair of jeans and a simple shirt. You can wear shoes or boots or whatever you feel comfortable wearing but avoid sports shoes as they are not suitable for this look at all.

When you want to look pretty and elegant you can always combine skirts or dresses with a spring coat with no worries. Actually, there’s nothing more elegant than a lady wearing heels with elegant makeup and a beautiful coat to add up to her beauty.

If you are wondering what color you should choose, you can find almost all colors. But make sure that you get something darker if you want to look slimmer because a white coat might not be the best decision for overweight girls. On the other hand, if you don’t have any problems with your weight, a lovely red coat would do just fine as it will bring out your femininity and you will definitely stand out.

Spring coats are definitely a wonderful addition and they can be purchased when the season is off if you want to save some money on fashion. One of their best features is the fact that they never go out of fashion as they are classic fashion accessories and you can manage to wear one for years before it gets worn out. Continue Reading

Cavaliers are back in vogue

The cold approach to women is not a fashion trend anymore. Modern men should remember how to woo their sweetheart with sense of humor and charm. The image of the gentleman with polished manners, who acts with courtesy and finesse, is revived.

If you think these are just words of unknown dreamers, will be wrong. This is the conclusion of a recent study, carried out in the University of Michigan by Professor David Buss. The aim of the study was to assess how men tried to attract the attention of a particular woman. The survey has shown that 80% of men start a conversation with the woman and try to attract and the keep her attention as long as possible. Almost half of the participants (45%) use the female emotions and try to weak up her compassion. Only 10% of men are sure in their artistry.

After the first steps, great part of the men relies on the chivalry. The romantic side of the life helps to 35% of them to win the love of their beloved. 39% of men give frequently flowers as a present. 34% of cavaliers invite women on a restaurant, and even more (36%) are ready to cock for the ladies of their hearts!

It seems even the fashion trends reflect the new situation in the intimate world of the two sexes. Fashion houses Versace and Gucci presented their men prêt-a-porter collections for next winter. The comments about the new collection are that a dandy, who attracts women with elegance and charm, is revived. Some of the colors and accents tend back to 70’s fashion: violet and blue. The other colors in the collection of the designer John Richmond are warm and alluring: pearl, all shadows of brown and warm, earth colors.

Even the silhouette of the jackets and trousers cuts are retro. Loafers and high shoes go in combination with drawn down trousers. In weekends angora sweaters will warm not only men, but also women in their arms. Frida Giannini, the designer of Gucci, also embrace the idea of the men of the 70’s. Sensual and luxurious fabrics are used in her collection: cashmere, angora, ostrich or deer leather. The evening suits are made of sensual velvet, and the patent leather shoes are almost a must. Silk or superior cotton shirts give the sensation for elegance and style. However, the prints on the silk shirts of John Richmond hint, that we already leave in the 21st century with more democratic and cosmopolitan fashion style.

Leather jackets, leather coats even typical rock style suits like these in Donatella Versace’s collection, are on the top. The man “macho”, the man, who knows how to behave so as to be adored by women – this is the winning suggestion of the top designers of the world. The colors of Versace’s collection are mainly in the black shade, but very interesting models of grey jackets were shown. However, the accents of the collection are in the same tempting for women colors: pink, red, blue and violet. The shoulders are larger, as every man has to be strong by his lady. Continue Reading

Rolex Milgauss White Steel

Like other limited or special Rolex models and watches collection the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss is one of those that managed to become a collectible watch. The collection was first introduced by Rolex in 1956 when they decided that they should make a special watch. What made this watch so special was the fact that it was supposed to be an antimagnetic watch for people who worked in power plants, medical facilities and research labs or usually any place where there was an unusual electromagnetic field.

The model is still done today although watch collectors are hunting for the vintage models, which can be really hard to obtain due to the fact that this watch didn’t manage to gain a lot of popularity when it was first introduced.

The watch has an amagnetic alloy hairspring and a movement encased by a faraday cage and it can withstand a magnetic flux of 1,000 gauss. It has a paramagnetic protection system with a bidirectional self-winding via Perpetual rotor and the officially certified Swiss chronometer.

It comes in three variants: white dial or with black dial. The black dial models have a colorless sapphire crystal and there’s also the Anniversary model that has a black dial with a different design and a greenish colored sapphire crystal. The bracelet is made of steel with oysterclasp with Easylink comfort extension link. The watch also has a 31 mm case and weights 157 grams and is very resistant to scratches and overall durable.

The watch was recreated in 2007 and at first it was rumored that it was going to be a limited edition. However, it is still produced nowadays and people can easily buy it. Authentic watch can cost around $6,000 dollars, depending on where you buy it and what model you choose. If you can’t spend this amount, you can get Swiss replica watch for under $700.  The good thing is that nowadays you can get it for a smaller price that it used to be before its recreation and even a bit afterwards when people thought it was going to be a limited edition.

This is a great Rolex watch for somebody who wants something really durable that could work in the harshest conditions but still look good on their wrist. Continue Reading

The Hoodie

When we think about a casual outfit, chances are that we imagine someone wearing a hoodie. The classic hoodie has also appeared in quite a few fashion shows but it remains a choice for young people that are looking to express their rebellious style. Nevertheless, it remains a very popular fashion item that should be included in every wardrobe. Both genders can find the fun, the style and the practicality in a nice hoodie.

There are also different styles and some can even include headphones for the ones that can’t go long without their favorite music. The main idea is that a hoodie can be very versatile and can come with a style for everyone. It is also a great way to keep warm in the cold season but the look is not limited for the winter and there are some light hoodies that can be perfect for a chilly summer night.

Some are designed to close all the way up and so cover the face; this opens the door for new designs, each unique, funny and interesting. There are holes for the eyes and mouth and although wearing a Spiderman hoodie is not exactly a fashionable look, it can be a lot of fun.

If you are looking to be fashionable but not give up your favorite look, there are stylish hoodies that will make sure you look perfect. These, of course, come from the leading fashion houses and no one can argue that a big brand name can make everything more appealing. Continue Reading

Lavazza Fashion Calendar

Lavazza is founded as a small family company 125 years ago. But as “the modern father” of the Italian coffee is considered Emilio Lavazza, who leaded the company in the last 40 years and who, unfortunately, passed away in 2010 at the age of 79. During this period he managed to transform the former family coffee shop into a global force on the international coffee market. After four generations, the family company selling Lavazza in Italy and all around the world, reached 1.2 billion euro turnover. Every morning Lavazza enter the home of 20 million families only in Italy with a cup of coffee.

The history of Lavazza in recent years is undoubtedly related with one of the fashion events in the world: the edition of Lavazza calendar. Since 1991, the company annually presents a calendar that is a real art not only in the field of the advertisements, but also in the field of fashion. World famous photographers like Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz, David Lashapel, Ellen von Unvert, Eugenio Rekuenko, Jean-Baptiste Mondino and many others worked on the publishing of the calendar. Many world names took part in the promotion clips for the famous Italian brand: to mention only Nino Manfredi, Luciano Pavarotti and George Clooney.

The theme of the calendar is always different, but the unifying element is a cup of coffee Lavazza. An interesting fact is that Lavazza officially presented the Calendar for 2010 on 15 October with bright musical show. In honour of his hometown, the company chose namely the city of Turin to host the premiere of the extravagant and very impressive calendar.

But which is the history of the Lavazza fashion calendar? It is strongly related with the name of Emilio Lavazza. He started to lead the company in the late 1970’s. In 1977, Lavazza launched an ad campaign with the actor Nino Manfredi. Two years later the company opened the first training center in Turin. During the 1980’s Lavazza became a major exporter of coffee and marked a strong presence in France, Germany, Spain, UK, USA and other countries. The company was recognized as a leader in coffee production and in 1986 became president of the European Association for the coffee. Over the years, thanks to its capacity and successful image campaign, Lavazza became a symbol of the Italian lifestyle. In 1995, Lavazza celebrated its 100 – years anniversary and opened a coffee and a laboratory dedicated to research and study the taste properties of the coffee.

However, the expansion of the company towards the international markets started in 2002 and it was closely related with the edition of the Lavazza’s calendar. Emilio Lavazza is one of the first, who wholeheartedly believe in the power of television advertising, posters and calendars to impose on the market. While managed Lavazza, he invested a lot of money in impressive advertising, but the investments have returned with a large profit. Thanks to Emilio Lavzza’s managerial abilities and efforts, the company has grown enormously. Nowadays the coffee brand employs in its four plants in Italy about 1600 people and more 3000 people in the world. Continue Reading

Designer Jeans

Jeans have been around forever. They are probably one of the oldest kinds of clothes that there are. They are an item of clothing that has always been in style and probably always will be. Jeans are here to stay. The only thing that does change in jeans is the styles that are popular.  There are so many different styles of jeans that one can choose from but there are also kinds that are in fashion. We will tell you about the fashion trend in jeans..

One trend in jeans for this year is patched jeans. Patched jeans are just what it sounds like. They are jeans that are made to look like an older pair of jeans. They have patches placed on the jeans at various places.

They may also have a few rips in the jeans also. These jeans come in all different colors and styles but they are definitely the hip thing to be wearing this year.

Skinny jeans are also still in style for 2017.  Skinny jeans give you a slim fit with tapered legs. They come in all different colors and styles. They are made to make you look skinnier. These kinds of jeans have been around for many years but they have just in the last couple years came back in style.

Boy friend jeans are another hot trend. They are rolled up at the ankles. They are meant to look like a girl is wearing her boyfriends jeans but they are made to fit women. They sit lower on the hips so they look best with a snug top.

As you can see there are a variety of jeans that are in style.  There are even more then the ones we have listed. As we said jeans are here to stay and you can never go wrong in wearing jeans. Continue Reading

Katy Perry Fashion Disaster

The Grammy Awards in 2013 were pretty full with fashion disasters but a few mattered and a few were as bad as Katy Perry. She is a young woman with a beautiful body who likes to take risks whenever she chooses her outfits.  So this time Katy Perry chose to wear a long dress that had a green color and a very generous cleavage.

Katy Perry is a big American singer and songwriter but also a philanthropist and sometimes an actress. Some would assume that she should have enough experience to know how to properly dress for an event.  She had a huge hit with her Teenage Dream record and her tour at the time was a success. She also grew even more with the release of her single “Part of me” and a new album is going to be scheduled for the following months.

It was a shame that she chose that dress, which is not an ugly dress, but that’s why she should have at least modified it a bit so that it wasn’t extremely revealing. The dress is part of the newest Gucci collection but we all know how skinny and flat chested all Gucci models are, so it was a different story when Katy Perry wore it.

She probably wanted to go for the fashionable 70s style and even her hair suggests that she actually put a lot of work in her outfit. Her makeup was also gorgeous and her skin looked flawless, just like the skin of a 70s model. However, the fact that the dress was so stretched on her chest was an incredible mistake and made her look like a fool trying to go inside a tiny dress. It’s a shame that she couldn’t wear something that would have made her body stand out more in style because she has a very beautiful curvy look that would have worked well with the 70s style she wanted to show everybody.

Perhaps Katy Perry will learn from this mistake and next time she will choose something more suitable for her body shape and the occasion. Continue Reading

Fashion Items That Will Instantly Slim You Down

If you’ve put on a couple of pounds or you have been overweight since you were young, you know how sometimes it gets frustrating to dress and feel good. But whether you are on a diet or not, there are some clothes that will make you look and automatically feel like you’ve lost a few pounds. Here are the right fashion accessories any curvy girl should have in her drawer.

The one colored dress – Prints are definitely in and they would look good on an overweight person too, but you should try and make sure that you also have an essential fashion item for a curvy figure: a simple dress that comes into one color. This doesn’t have to be black, although black would slim you more, you can choose whatever color you want for this. Make sure that the dress goes a little below the knee if you are self-conscious about your legs and you will look perfectly. When it comes to the style of your dress, you should always go with some cleavage, exposing your front part and making it a bit flare on your hips and abdomen will create the perfect slimming dress.

The perfect pants – All you need to know about pants that will look good on you is the fact that they have to be fit. Don’t go for pants that are slim because they will make your legs thicker and shorter; go for straight or flared pants if you want to look a bit smaller. There shouldn’t be any limitation to color but try to avoid wearing beige or white pants as they might make your leg a bit thicker. Opt for grey, brown or black pants and they will become your favorite fashion accessories.

Fashion Items with Patterns – You should have about 2-3 clothing pieces that have various patterns and match them into an outfit. Patterns distract the attention from your wide parts and you can use other more ostentatious patterns on the parts you want to enhance. There’s a lot to play with when it comes to patterns.

These are just the most essential fashion items when it comes to slimming you down, but you can always experiment and find your own.

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Wood Watches Trend

Your look is your business card even before opening your mouth to say “Hi”. You have to be careful on what you wear so you make a first impression that matters. The first impression cannot be easily changed. Think about an interview, the first date or even going to meet your partner’s parents. People tend to be keen on the first impression. From your shoes up to your hair, everything has to be perfect in order to be accepted.

You should know not only clothes matter. The accessories you wear have a say too. Whether you are a man or a woman, your watch says many things about you even if you don’t believe that. People look at your watch and try to guess the lifestyle you have. How rich you are, what style are you into, what kind of person you are from this single little thing as a watch.

2017 comes with its own rules to play by. Clothes are modern and exquisite, accessories are the same. You should know that watches have won a lot of terrain for this year. The new style is set by wood watches. Have you heard about wood watches so far? Well, it’s not so odd as it may sound. Whether you like nature and enjoy outdoors, or you are a fashion hunter, you have to wear a wood watch. Why is that? Because it’s trendy. Because it’s elegant, easy to wear and to clean, and it definitely looks very nice on any wrist. The watch strap won’t be so easily to bend or to be broken as it usually happens with leather or fake leather watch straps.

Regular watches are made of cheap material, rarely from a leather strap. You surely know after a while your strap will be broken. Watch straps aren’t made to last for a long period of time. You can replace them but it won’t be the same thing, the same sensation or the same look as the first strap. This is why you may want to get a watch with a wood strap. A wood watch is an eco-friendly choice because once broken it won’t affect the environment in any way. Wearing it feels like you have a piece of nature with you every day in any place or circumstance. Wood makes me think about nature, trees, woods, plants and animals. A whole environment coexisting in full understanding without the man to be involved or set in charge. A piece of immortality and eternity from the tree of life with you. Nature makes you think about greater things than your life.

If you look at an affordable watch which will last for a good piece of time on your wrist, the wood watch is a perfect choice! You can choose the best wood watch for you from a variety of watches of different design, size, price.

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