Men Fashion Bracelets

Jewelry is an important part of fashion that not only completes an outfit but also brings out a person’s sense of taste and style. Although some men are reluctant to wear bracelets, it is a fast-rising trend with numerous men from all over the world donning these elegant accessories. In wearing a bracelet, there are certain tips that could help you achieve stylishness without looking out of place.

Blend it With your Outfit

When selecting a bracelet, it is important to ensure that it matches your outfit. If for instance you are going for a casual look, beaded bracelets are a great option. You should also aim at blending the color of your bracelet with the color of the clothes and or watch. Beaded bracelets are however not ideal for official or corporate attire. The best bracelets for formal clothes are classic steel bracelets such as gold or silver. They should also not be to brightly colored. Alexander McQueen’s silver-tone chain bracelet is an example of bracelet ideal for formal attire whole the Brown Sapphire and Yellow gold bracelet from Shamballa Jewels is perfect for casual outfit.

Keep it Simple

An essential tip to bear in mind when choosing a bracelet is to always keep it simple. It is often recommendable to go for a bracelet that is not too colorful. More than three colors on a single bracelet is a bad idea. It also helps to keep the number of bracelets on your wrists to a minimum. Many bracelets makes I look like you are trying too hard.

Watch-Bracelet Combination

tiger eye men bracelet with a watch and elegant shirt

Wearing a bracelet-watch combination looks astonishing, especially if you know how to elegantly blend them. While the watch doesn’t have to match the bracelet, ensure that none steals the spotlight from the other. For a watch with a steel strap, wear brighter bracelet combinations. It is also a good idea to wear your bracelet on the wrist opposite the watch wrist to avoid scratching either.

Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are the perfect accessory for casual events. Darker tones are the best option as they look elegant with various kinds of outfits. Black and dark brown colors are often the best. Although thick bracelets work for some people, thinner leather bracelets are easy to pull off and can easily be worn with a diverse range of watches.

Beaded Bracelets

Also ideal for casual wear, beaded bracelets complement your outfit exquisitely. For wooden beads, go for well-shaped, subtle beads. Several colors work for beaded bracelets. It is however important to keep the colors to a minimum to avoid color clash.

Silver and Gold Bracelets

Men’s silver bracelets are the most preferred option as they look remarkable with a variety of skin tones. Both gold and silver are exceptional for both formal and casual wear. Fir dark skin tones, gold is undoubtedly the perfect bracelet option. For the best look with gold bracelets, keep it subtle and simple. Balance the bracelet with the rest of the outfit such as the watch or the cuffs. Continue Reading

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fake Bags

Designers’ bags are much coveted fashion accessories, but they can be unreachable for many women. Sometimes it seems that no matter how much you will save this month you will not be able to afford yourself the luxury of buying that Fendy or Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Dolce and Gabanna bag that you so much would like to have. What you do in this case? You run to the nearest fair or to a specialized website that sells replica bags? There are so many reasons for which you should actually refrain from acting upon your first impulse, but here are some of the arguments that should convince you not to buy fake bags:

A fake will always look fake


Let’s imagine a very plausible scenario! Your favorite fashion house has just launched a cute new purse that you would so much want to have. You have seen it on many celebrities and you even dream of it every night. You walk down that commercial street in your hometown and here it is! Hidden in a corner of a nameless shop! You get it, you ask to see it and you look at the price. Your wonderful little gem bag looks exactly like the one you dreamed of, but costs a fraction of the price. Can it be true? Not really! Look back again! A fake will always look fake. No matter how much they struggle, counterfeiters miss a few essential details that will enable fashion experts to spot a replica bag from the crowd. Do you want to be in that position of being caught by your friends’ vigilant eye that you are wearing a fake bag?

Low price means low quality

Have you ever wondered why fake bags are so cheap? It’s simple! While high end products use top notch quality materials, whether we are talking about leather, canva or fur, fake bags use low quality raw materials that not only do not look the same, but they have no resistance in time and they can put your own health in jeopardy. Try to feel the leather of that fake bag you are so willing to buy. Then take a trip to the nearest flagship store of the respective brand and see how the real thing feels. Is it the same? You know the answer by now, but do it if you want to be sure about it.

Legality issues

When it comes to legality issues, fake bags relate to many topics, including copyright for artistic work, illicit trade, unethical competition, and child labor. Designers put a lot of effort, creative work, time, and talent into coming up with new bag models. When buying fake bags, you encourage people who steal the result of their work, not to mention that these products usually come from countries where kids are exploited and send to work and that most of these shipments are illegal.  Fake bags are usually sent to Western countries hidden in different forms and without any accompanying documents.

Continue Reading

Structured Bag

The structured bag is one of those trends that make modern looks seem extremely timeless. It has been featured on all catwalks and since 2012 it has been a trendy fashion item that never seemed to stop being a favorite. It has even been shown on catwalks that promote fashion for late 2014-2015 so you should definitely invest in one as soon as you can.

But most of you out there might think to themselves what a structured bag is, it can be seen on TV and a lot of celebrities have been seen with at least one type of this bag. The bag is distinct and made with interesting materials and in interesting styles. It has a lot of pockets, it comes with different styles of materials that are put together to create a contemporary, almost constructivist look. Most of these bags come in geometric shapes and with well put together patterns. Another thing you will appreciate when it comes to structured bags is the way they have been constructed to fit as many items and have a lot of storage options for optimum organization. Most women out there hate bags that don’t have a good organizing system and this is probably one of the main reasons why this type of bag has been so famous: the modern woman carries a lot of things and doesn’t want to waste time searching through her bag for what she needs.

The popular shades of most structured bags are complementary colors in a set of geometric designs but you can try switching to more pastel colors as they are the next year’s trend. You can even get a bag that has very bright colors in contrast with pastels or have one made for you. A lot of designing companies are offering custom made bags according to their client’s needs. Those who want an even bigger contrast can choose a timeless black and white design for their structured bag, a design that is not only tasteful but also works with all kinds of outfits. To make it timeless and be sure that you can wear it for years to come you can try getting a more classic shape. Continue Reading

Men’s Fashion Items – The Tie

Starting with the assumption that you have a suit, the tie should be the first accessory that comes to mind. This decorative piece of fashion can really complete a look and while it may appear to be simple, choosing the right tie for a certain occasion can be a very demanding process. Nevertheless, there are new designs that come out every season and it is recommended to buy a new one at least this often.

It all depends on the person and how often the suit is worn. For those that wear a suit every day it is better to have a wide variety of choices available and never wear the same one twice in a row. This means that a new tie should be bought quite frequently and it is a good choice to stay up to date with the latest changes in design and color.

While the classic suit is a part of formal wear, the trend to wear it as a casual fashion item has become quite popular nowadays. This means that it is loose around the neck and with a couple of buttons unfastened on the shirt. The slim designs are the ones preferred for this look but a classic tie can also work as long as it doesn’t have a rich color scheme.

Although the concept has been around for centuries it is one of the most modern fashion items available for men and it gets reinvented every season. It can be easy to match it with your style and it is always a nice touch. Continue Reading

White Jeans

Everybody has a pair of jeans, they are great and comfortable, but there’s a lot of controversy when it comes to white jeans because not all people like them. White jeans can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you view them. Here are some of the biggest advantages of owning a pair of white jeans, but also some of the biggest disadvantages that come while wearing them.

Wearing white jeans might make you look trashy – but this can be easily avoided if you don’t wear high heels. Yes, you can definitely wear high heeled boots but avoid stilettos as they will make you look a bit cheap. Other types of shoes are also great such as flats or even sports shoes, so wear those instead.

White jeans can show a lot of your problems – it’s understood that you shouldn’t wear white jeans if you are overweight unless you choose a long shirt that will cover the parts that are problematic. On the other hand, even if you don’t have problems with your weight, you might find it useful to buy a pair of jeans that is a little smaller, hoping that the light color won’t make you look that fat. This is a big mistake because white jeans will show you your imperfections more if you try to squeeze into a smaller size.

White jeans are elegant – the great thing about them is the fact that they look more elegant than the classic blue jeans so you can wear them in most social encounters. Also, they are perfect for summer because the color doesn’t attract much light so if you like wearing jeans during the summer they are definitely the best option.

You need to be careful with white jeans and white clothes in general because they can get dirty really fast, so this is why most people don’t wear them. Pay attention where you sit or what comes in contact with your jeans and you will be safe. Unfortunately, white jeans are great fashion items to wear, but they usually require a lot of work and people find it tiring to wear them every day, due to the constant checking so that they don’t get dirty. Continue Reading

Plus Size Clothes Tips

Being on the plus size might be a little uncomfortable when trying to choose the right clothes. There are a few things you should do if you are trying to look thin but the most important things are those that you should avoid.

If you want to wear pants you should always choose dark brown, black or dark blue colors, they tend to make your legs thinner and longer. Also, you can try wearing vertical stripe pants with thin lines or even patterns as long as they are small. If your stomach is a problematic area you can always opt for tops that are flare in that area like baby doll tops.

Another way to look thin and elongate your body is by wearing high heels or platforms. Also, covering yourself with clothes might seem a good idea but it’s not. Covering yourself will only attract attention to your body and will make you look even more plus size.

Other things that you should avoid are low rise pants or jeans, they will give you what the fashion police calls a “muffin top” where the fat on your hips is over the belt line of your pants. Skinny jeans are also unacceptable so don’t even try wearing them unless you have really thin legs. Another thing that needs to be avoided is mid-calf high UGG boots and also big patterns on your clothes.

Being on the plus size is not the end of the world, some women look better with curves so make sure that you enjoy yourself and you feel comfortable with what you are wearing. Continue Reading

Men Fashion Trends

If we take a look at the fashion trends for men for this season, we can make a pretty good idea what to expect for spring next year. Although it may seem too far away, it is never too early to start thinking about which trends will be in fashion next season or the season after that. This can help you prepare yourself better and make sure that you get the best deals for the outfits you like most.

The colors are very important and for spring it is expected that colors like orange and green will play a big role. Such colors were already strong this year and we can only expect them to become even stronger so if you were thinking about buying those green pants, maybe now would be the perfect time.

As far as suits go, they play a big role in fashion for men so, we can expect to see loose suits such as we do now but taken a bit more. In average, men fashion trends change a lot slower than women fashion trends and when it comes to suits, this is even slower. The good thing is that if you buy a nice fashionable suit now, chances are that you will still be able to wear it next year without it seeming out of place. The double breasted blazer has already started to make a comeback and we expect to see a lot more of them in fashion shows.

That clean white which we saw for some seasons now seems to disappear. Instead, we have a dirty white, a color which is meant to show a rebellious side, which is what most fashion trends are about now; showing the individual within the masses.

Something which most of us won’t mind saying goodbye to is the skinny look. It looks like this style has had its time in the spotlight and it is slowly falling out of rank. To replace it, we have wider outfits which look much more comfortable. This is also available for suits and not just for street wear.

We can expect to see the big designers going back to the wider designs, the loose outfits and the longer lines. Since we know where fashion is headed, we can keep a look out on the items we like and make sure that we always look our best and that we follow the latest fashion trends. Continue Reading

The Perfect Gift Despite The Occasion

You probably agree that it might be really hard to choose the perfect gift in any occasion, but there are tips that will teach you to manage this despite the task at hand. There are a few guidelines when it comes to buying the right gift, which are very easy to follow.


The first rule when it comes to buying a special gift is deciding what kind of person will receive that gift. If it’s a close friend, it’s not that hard to buy the gift they like, all you have to do is ask around or even ask them for ideas. Girls usually love jewelry and expensive perfumes and men will always appreciate a cool bracelet or a new gadgets. All you need to do is learn their taste in these areas.

Things may get a bit harder when the person is just an acquaintance, but you can still find some information about them that might prove useful in preparing your gift. Small talks will definitely provide some information; also make sure that you watch the things they do and how they approach different matters – it can be a good indicator of their general taste.


The second important rule is choosing a gift right for the occasion. There are some general gifts you would get for Valentine’s Day and other types of gifts you would get for different occasions like Christmas. If it’s somebody’s birthday, then you will have to choose another type of gift and so on.


The third rule is presenting your gift in a desirable manner. Most people will appreciate a nice wrapping and the effort you put when offering the gift. If you want to be nicer, you can add a funny or a friendly card that will definitely light up their day even more.


Buying gifts should be all about the need and desire to offer something in order to make somebody happy. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing somebody smile after you have bought them something they like. Continue Reading

5 Classy Accessories for High End Events

Sometimes life takes us to amazing events and some of these events may be quite high end so we need to know how to accessorize properly for the occasion. Here are some of the sparkly jewelry pieces you need to take with you so that you make sure that your outfit is accessorized the right way.

Diamonds – Diamonds are always a great option and combined with precious metals, make for a wonderful accessory that you can wear at a high end event like a gala or an elegant party.

Pearls – pearls are also a classic choice and they can look amazing on any type of skin or with any dress. The good thing about pearls is the fact that they come in a neutral color that works well with any outfit.  If you can afford it, you should always buy a set with pearls, they look amazing and are always the best choice when it comes to accessorizing a little black dress.

Gold – gold is also a classy choice however, don’t overdo it; sometimes, when people put too much gold on their outfit, it’s a sign of bad taste and you certainly don’t want that at a high end event. But a gold watch, a gold necklace or a gold bracelet that are bigger and stand out more can be combined with smaller gold jewelry for the perfect balance.

Platinum – platinum is definitely a high end material that is suited for high end events, but it can get really expensive. But if you plan to shine, platinum is the right way to do that. However, if you can’t afford platinum, white gold is definitely a good idea because it looks just like it but fortunately without the high price.

Emeralds, rubies and sapphires – these are great precious stones that don’t cost as much as diamonds but make for lovely accessories. If you can find accessories that contain all in a great colorful design, you will surely stand out. However, make sure that when you wear these, you don’t combine too many accessories that stand out, because you don’t want to look like you are trying to stand out too much. These are a cheaper alternative to diamonds and can look terrific if combined right; also, in various metal combinations jewelry that features these precious stones will look royal so it’s definitely a good choice if you want people to admire you. Continue Reading

The Splendor of the Lace

Lace is mysterious and stylish. It is a symbol of elegance and luxury, as well as the queen of textiles. Some artefacts sow that the most ancient examples of lace appeared 2500 BC in Egypt. These were nets decorated with small pearls and porcelain. The technology for knitting of nets, used for catching small animals, was applied for the “lace” as well. The decorative nets were used mainly for curtains and bedspreads, but not for clothing.

In the 12th and 13th centuries lace has appeared in clothes. Lace decorations were only used for the garments of the priests, located high in the church hierarchy. The popularity of lace, however, increased rapidly and it was spread among the cottage industry of Europe. It was the Renaissance, however, which led to the great spread of lace, mainly in Italy. Venetian style lace was extremely popular in Europe and was used even in furniture decoration. The first lace in Europe was actually a narrow strip with pointed teeth. Later on larger and more complicated patterns appeared.

In 15th-16th centuries the use of lace was widespread. The information comes from the Decree of Charles V (15th century), when the laces began to be taught in schools and monasteries of the Belgian provinces. This is a period of renaissance and enlightenment, and the laces quickly enter the field of fashion. At that time in the Belgian provinces were developed many styles and techniques for the manufacture of lace. Lace, knitted in Belgium was coarse and heavy, or light and delicate, with floral and geometric patterns. It cost almost as much as jewelry.

It is considered that Belgium is the cradle of lace. However, three countries nowadays compete to be the birthplace of the splendid decoration: Italy, France and Belgium.

In the 17th century the industry for production of lace in Italy was in a flourishing state. Almost all countries imported lace “Made in Italy”. In France, the lace became popular because of its qualities that make it suitable for scarves, collars, and ruffles. Lace was a favorite of royalty, especially Louis XIV – the Sun King. Although today lace is considered feminine adornment, in former times it was used in decoration of both female and male clothing.


The price of one gram of lace reached one gram of gold! Even though, the passion for lace became a real obsession and the purchase of this product required huge money… The reason was that the two techniques used for production: with a knitting needle and with hammers, were too slow and very expensive. These techniques are used even today, but for hand made production of lace.


In the 19th century a knitting machine for production of lace was invented. This increased enormously the variability in patterns and designs. On the other hand it leaded to fast lose of the skills for handmade lace manufacturing. The easy to find and the lower prices decreased the value of lace as a symbol of aristocracy. Once lace became widely available it was no longer so valuable and rare, and has become part of the clothing of everyone. Continue Reading