4 Types Of Shoes You Should Get in 2015

Let’s be honest, shoes are pretty important to women. There have been shows, jokes, documentaries and even books written on this subject. But shoes have the quality of making a woman feel special and it doesn’t matter how much they cost as long as they are fashionable. Here is a list with the loveliest shoes trends in 2015.


High Heels

Since there are many contrasting trends, you can’t really fail this new season. So, if you are in the mood for something sexy or you want something that will look amazing, the high heels are a great way to achieve that elegant look. Make sure that you get them in a classier colour so that you can have them for longer, since high heel shoes are definitely a great addition to any wardrobe. You can even try some of the extravagant designs out there to make sure that you stand out.

Bulky Heels with a Twist

When it comes to the bulky heels you can easily choose them for a more comfy, chic look. They make a great pair with jeans or trendy skirts. There are many companies out there that create unique bulky heels for those who want their shoes with a little twist. For example, Miu Miu tried to recreate bulky heels and came up with a lot of cool designs.

Straps and Buckles

Straps and buckles are always a great way to add pizazz to your legs and they do a great job accessorizing that lower part of your body. In 2015 you will see a lot of straps and buckles all united in a timeless design with stiletto heels. A lot of fashion houses already presented their version of this type of shoes with Chloe adding feminine touches to them, Miu Miu creating them using unusual cuts and Valentino or Sait Laurent with more glamorous options.

Sparkling Jewels and Beads

There’s no 2015 fashion without some glamour added to your shoes. Don’t hesitate to buy something sparkly because the new season is definitely a great way to show off some sparkling stuff. Some of the fashion houses that offered this type of shoes are Alexander McQueen, which introduced some really cool combat boots that have crystals applied to them or Saint Laurent introducing sparkling and extremely colourful shoes for the next season.  If you enjoy this look you should also check out Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana or Givenchy collections, as they share similar elements.