Casual Suits

If you like to look great but feel confined by a suit, or if you feel you’re always overdressed when going out then casual suits are the perfect thing for you. They create that perfect balance of looking great and feeling comfortable that so few fashion items manage to achieve successfully.

Their main quality is versatility. This is true both for accessorizing different jackets and pants to create a casual suit, and for the event you are attending. If you want something that can go with just about any shirt, t-shirt or even a hoodie, then a casual suit is the thing for you. Go for a tighter fight or something just comfortable. Choose a color that makes your hair or eyes pop out or go with something more conservative. Depending on the scenery you can opt for a white casual suit if you’re in a summer/beach environment or something darker for a classic urban look.

casual suit

Make sure you accessorize your new casual suit. While classic suits usually go with just a watch and little else when it comes to jewelry, casual suits give you much more freedom. Try on different pendants, chains, flashy or understated, your pick. You can also go with a statement watch; something big or ostentatiously colored.

The other great thing is that a casual suit is just right for most events. From a night out with friends to a upper class bar to more important events like an informal wedding or company party. Also feel free to wear your suit to your work place. You’ll shine among all those charcoal grey and navy blue classic cut suits.

When choosing your casual suit, regardless if you want it super tight just right or quite loose make sure it is comfortable. After all, that’s the whole point of a casual suit, to make you look like a million bucks and make you feel less restrained and more at ease.

Material is also important, depending on the occasion and how long you want your suit to last you. Go all the way and invest in a high quality material and not only will you look great but your suit will stand the test of time and be waiting for you whenever you need to look good. Wear it with jeans, a two piece suit, or a skirt, it will complete your urban look and make you into a true fashion icon among your friends.