The Hoodie

When we think about a casual outfit, chances are that we imagine someone wearing a hoodie. The classic hoodie has also appeared in quite a few fashion shows but it remains a choice for young people that are looking to express their rebellious style. Nevertheless, it remains a very popular fashion item that should be included in every wardrobe. Both genders can find the fun, the style and the practicality in a nice hoodie.

There are also different styles and some can even include headphones for the ones that can’t go long without their favorite music. The main idea is that a hoodie can be very versatile and can come with a style for everyone. It is also a great way to keep warm in the cold season but the look is not limited for the winter and there are some light hoodies that can be perfect for a chilly summer night.

Some are designed to close all the way up and so cover the face; this opens the door for new designs, each unique, funny and interesting. There are holes for the eyes and mouth and although wearing a Spiderman hoodie is not exactly a fashionable look, it can be a lot of fun.

If you are looking to be fashionable but not give up your favorite look, there are stylish hoodies that will make sure you look perfect. These, of course, come from the leading fashion houses and no one can argue that a big brand name can make everything more appealing. Continue Reading

Keep An Eye On Women’s Eyewear

Designer eyewear has rarely been such a highly regarded accessory in the world of fashion, and with new technology allowing a great combination of practicality, amazing colors and shapes, eyewear is an important part of maintaining a fresh outfit, regardless of season.

Whether you want to work on your tan this summer and keep your eyes safe from any form of UV light, or just look good in any environment, you should know that there is a model that works for you and your outfit. Women’s glasses are particularly important as the wealth of models and designers makes it a hugely important accessory, one which has a specially designed model for any outfit on the market from casual to formal and everything in between. As next season’s models take a lot of inspiration from the curvy 1960s and 1970s you can imagine that rounded, curved and funky frames are in, however, there’s more to 2015 eyewear than that.

This is why you must be up to speed with what’s hot and what’s not in 2015 in terms of eyewear. So for a more precise look here are a few of the most popular examples for this year.

Piaf by A-Morir

Piaf by A-Morir

This stunning pair of glasses is dedicated to one of France’s greatest voices, Edith Piaf. The stylish accessory is filled to the brink with Swarovski crystals adding a touch of extravagance and sparkle to your style while also maintaining a cool look that works splendidly with any sort of outfit. The funky design makes the glasses look unique and elegant, with a coquette pattern of the frame adding an extra layer of class and distinction to an already stunning pair of glasses. The glasses will work with just about any form of stylish outfit on the market and will certainly make you a noticeable figure thanks to all those crystals.

Dita’s Hurricane Cateye Glasses

This impressive pair of glasses will certainly impress and add a unique note of style to whatever outfit you pair it with. The unusually shaped frame along with the dark tone make them extremely versatile. They can be a perfect pair to take with you while going for a walk or shopping but they can also work with more casual outfits.

If you want to truly impress people you can opt for a pair with a frame made from high quality natural materials such as horn, wood or leather.

The Lioness by Anna-Karin Karlsson

If you truly want to make a statement with your glasses then there simply is no better choice than The Lioness by Anna Karlsson. The unmistakable centerpiece is plated in 24-karat gold while the lenses are mirrored in order to offer the very best protection.

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The Belt Pack

There is nothing more practical than a belt pack that is made for comfort and mobility. A belt pack is a great solution for those who want to carry their personal items in a secure place. This is why most people who go travelling get a belt pack. The belt pack is actually a small purse that you can wrap around your waist and easily access your money and documents. This small purse has a zipper and various pockets inside to keep your belongings secure. Salesmen and vendors also use belt packs because they are easily accessible and can give back change faster. However, they are also used as trendy fashion items, especially since major brands such as Diane von Furstenberg had them on their catwalk few years before. They were marketed as hands free bags and this made them even more popular, even if the price was about $300.

belt pack

The media gave even more attention to these bags when Rihana appeared wearing one and also when the designer Sang A Im-Propp created quite a fuss due to her belt bags. The bags created by her were sold with almost $2000 and they even featured alligator versions. Even Louis Vuitton had a few belt bags available for those interested and the whole idea that belt bags were something only middle aged travelers wore soon became forgotten making room for this new glamour trend.

Nowadays the belt bag trend has somehow dissipated but the glamour behind a high end belt bag still remains. Also, belt bags are so unusual among younger people and mainstream fashion, you might even get to be a trend setter. That is, of course, if you manage to wear it in a fashionable manner, meaning that you should choose well-known brands and make sure that it goes well with your outfit.

Besides wearing it as a fashion item, belt bags are also an incredible aid for runners or bikers because they don’t have to carry a bag around. This means that you can do your favorite activity on very long distances without worrying about your belongings falling and being lost in the process.

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Flat Cap

The flat cap, this unknown fashion item that has become an accessory so loved lately. The flat cap is for men who are part of various subcultures and those who want to look hip. Considered to be a traditional cap in Scotland for men and women it has become a modern fashion item considered to be an extremely cool accessory by many groups. Its story goes a long way in the past, in the 14th century in Italy where it was used by the working class.

flat cap

The flat cap is usually made with tweed, wool and even cotton, but also linen, leather and even denim sometimes. Since they were a symbol of the working class flat caps have been worn by many subcultures especially by punkers and skinheads because their philosophy was tightly knit with the working classes. However, the flat caps were considered to be fashionable in a number of periods in the 20th century like for example in the 1920s so they haven’t been always worn by the working class and in America boys of all ages and background wore them. Also, they were worn by upper class and middle class because it was a very practical accessory. It was also worn by people living in rural places and agricultural workers.

Nowadays older men wear the cap but hipsters also choose to add it to their outfits. Some ethnic groups from Boston Irish-American population wear them and it’s also associated with the skinheads mentioned before. It was also very popular among hip-hop artists in the early 2000s and late 90s. You can combine this lovely practical cap with something casual and something more urban. It can be a very hip look even for work if your dress code is not elegant. Another way to wear it is by wearing it with the standard prep boy style, a style that has been very fashionable lately. Flat caps go well with everything and they are a great way to keep your head covered; if you are the type of person who loves wearing unconventional fashion items this is probably the right accessory for you. Continue Reading


The way you look can really have an impact on people and your fashion sense is very important every new season. Now that the winter is done, we can finally start shopping for the warm season. An important item that should be on your list is at least one pair of sunglasses. They have become quite essential and it seems that every celebrity we see on television or in magazines wears them. This can only mean that the fashion industry has turned this item into a fashion statement.


This season, fashion designers advise you to buy big sunglasses, preferably in dark colors like black, brown or even red. Men usually go for dark colored glasses but designers tell us that this look is not for anyone or for any outfit. Of course, the name of the brand on the glasses matters, so you should be inclined to buy from some of the most prestigious manufacturers. As far as the form for men’s sunglasses goes, this fashion season we are introduced once again with straight lines and somewhat simple but yet stylish designs.

For women, the options are a bit more diverse. The sunglasses in fashion are also big but the form is not the same as for men. Round sunglasses are in fashion with all kinds of colors that can go with different outfits. It is all up to what you feel like wearing each day and how sunny is it outside. Black sunglasses don’t really work for women anymore; instead we have orange, red, yellow and all sorts of combinations. Something that is in fashion is something with different layers of visibility. Sunglasses that are dark in their upper part and gradually become lighter can give you a nice mysterious look.

There are quite a few stores that can sell you sunglasses from the most known manufactures but this will require you to pay quite a big sum of money. Fashion is usually expensive but if you know where to look, you can find some great deals that will help you save money. You should try looking on the internet for online shops that sell fashionable items at a much lower price than the stores. Also be on the look out for sales that will surely help you increase your wardrobe with fashionable items. Sunglasses are in fashion every season but they are almost mandatory in the summer if you want to look good.

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Ray Ban Aviator Glasses

If you have been living under a rock for the last century you probably don’t know about Ray Ban glasses. They are everywhere: in your spam email, in magazines and the media. But there’s more to these glasses than one would expect from a high end brand that seems to be a trend among fashion victims. The fact that they are counterfeit at a large scale also gives us an idea of how famous they are everybody wants to be seen owning a pair at any price.

Ray Ban Aviator 1

But Ray Ban glasses actually had a different purpose besides fashion when they were conceived. Their story begins in 1937 when Bausch and Lomb created glasses that would cover the entire human eye and keep aviators from having to deal with light during flights. They were dark glasses with steel frames, very durable and made with big lenses that were slightly convex. The design was created with G15 glass lenses that were transmitting 20% of the incoming light. These glasses did an extremely good job to protect aviators from the sun and their reputation rose among people everywhere when celebrities started to wear them.

Ray Ban Aviator

The mainstream media became obsessed with the glasses after they were worn by James Dean in Rebel without a Cause. Soon, they were the “bad guy” symbol and were worn by celebrities like: Val Kilmer, Tom Cruise, Ringo Starr or Sylvester Stallone. Their peak lasted for more than 20 years but they became fashionable again in the early 2000s when they started to be worn on TV. Soon another generation would wear the famous Aviator Ray Ban glasses. Since then they have become a sort of classics and can be found in a few lists with undying fashion items to own. But besides their fashionable purpose and the fact that they look extremely well, one thing is for sure: they do a very good job at keeping the sunlight away.

Ray Ban aviator glasses can be combined with almost anything from casual to sports and even elegant attire. For those of you who want to make a statement, these are your typical “bad boy, bad girl” glasses.

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Keds Shoes

When you think about sneakers, you should definitely think about Keds. Keds Shoes are the first sneakers ever produced so they not only have great experience in producing good footwear, there’s also an interesting history behind it. When creating the shoes the company wanted to name them Peds but it was already taken, so the Keds brand was born. This happened in 1917 and the shoes were considered to be extremely well made and high quality sneakers. Although Keds were popular from the beginning, they became really popular in 1949 along with their line called Pro-Keds that were adopted by basketball players and hip-hop artists. They were also the preferred footwear for tennis players around the world. The Triumph line was created for men and became an instant classic. Nowadays, there are still people that collect these sneakers.

keds sneakers shoes

These fashion items’ fame rose in the 1980 when they started being a big trend among teenagers. Because they were light and comfortable to wear, cheerleaders used them along with their uniform. There were several appearances in the media with people wearing them and they became some of the best sold footwear.   They soon became popular among both sexes and a great option for those wearing casual-sporty clothes as they were comfortable and very durable.

Throughout the years the company did a lot of modifications to their existing models. Some models had anti-shock material to keep athletes from hurting their legs, others had material that kept your feet dry but one thing made Keds famous: their design.

Nowadays, Keds come along with other brands that offer sneakers, such as Converse, but have maintained their historical status among footwear and are still used by athletes all over the world. The cool thing about the company is the fact that it always comes up with what the market wants. For example, they introduced green Keds, which are environmentally friendly.

You can wear Keds with almost anything, from pants to skirts for a very comfortable and unique look. Pair them up with a comfortable rucksack or handbag and you will have great outfits for long walks.

Keds are also great for those looking for an urban look or a more nonconventional style and they are usually associated with hipsters everywhere. However, they can be a great option when you want something that looks and feels good.

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The Famous Dr. Martens Boots

Dr. Martens boots have been known for many years now. They became so popular among punk-rock bands that they have been a status symbol for rebels. The brand has become a British footwear brand that makes different products such as luggage, clothing or shoes, but before that it had an interesting history behind it. The boots were invented by Dr Klaus Märtens and when he injured his food while skiing he found that the boots he was wearing were very uncomfortable. The boots he was wearing were standard boots for the army and while he tried to walk in them, he couldn’t do it without pain so he decided he would make some modifications. He created a pair of boots with air-cushioned soles and leather. However, nobody bought his products but when he became partner with Dr. Herbert Funck, they started being a hit among people over the age of 40 because they were so comfortable.

Dr. Martens boots

Soon a factory was opened and a lot of factory workers and people who did heavy jobs used them. They were a great hit among the working class but they were soon to become fashion items that have been trendy for generations. In the early 70s skinheads started dressing with boots and Dr. Martens nicely made and comfortable boots were one of their options. By the 80s they become even more popular and when famous band members started wearing them, they were a massive hit. The company started manufacturing other leather products such as belts or luggage but nothing was so popular as the boots.

The boots made today are of the same good quality they used to be and they are great for those looking for something comfortable and chic. They used to be associated with rebel behavior but nowadays everybody has a pair and they have even been on the catwalks of some of the highest fashion designers. This urban trend is a great choice for those who want to experiment with punk fashion and are looking for the fashion items associated with it. Dr. Martens boots are definitely a big part of this subculture.

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Essential Fashion Items When Traveling

Sometimes our job or our lifestyle imposes a lot of traveling. Whether you love traveling or you have to do it for a certain reason and you still want to keep yourself trendy during the process, this article will give you some ideas regarding what fashion items you should take with you.

A pair of comfortable shoes – flats are definitely trendy this summer and you can wear them while travelling without worrying that you might damage your legs when taking long walks. The great thing about flats is that they can be worn with both skirts and jeans so you can easily transform a casual or every day wear into a more formal wear. Make sure that the flats you buy for travelling are as simple as they can get if you want to combine them with more items.

comfortable shoes

Short pants / Long Jeans – if you are often traveling into warm areas short pants are the number one item you should have with you. Any type of short pants will do as they can be worn with high heels, flats and even sports shoes so you can make a lot of outfits with just a pair. On the other hand, if you are traveling in cooler parts of the world a good high quality pair of jeans will definitely prove useful. Besides the fact that you can never go wrong with jeans, there’s the comfort factor and they will also keep you warm. Combine them with a long sleeve pullover and a big jacket and you have the perfect outfit for a cold season. If you want to transform that into something casual, put a more elegant pullover and some high heels and you can go out clubbing.

big handbag

A big handbag – there’s nothing more useful than a big handbag during your travels where you can keep all the essential items. Combine it with a nice pair of glasses and you have the perfect glamour combination, no matter where you are. You can also get a clutch if you are planning to dress elegantly during your travel and combine it with a classy dress.

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