Lavazza Fashion Calendar

Lavazza is founded as a small family company 125 years ago. But as “the modern father” of the Italian coffee is considered Emilio Lavazza, who leaded the company in the last 40 years and who, unfortunately, passed away in 2010 at the age of 79. During this period he managed to transform the former family coffee shop into a global force on the international coffee market. After four generations, the family company selling Lavazza in Italy and all around the world, reached 1.2 billion euro turnover. Every morning Lavazza enter the home of 20 million families only in Italy with a cup of coffee.

The history of Lavazza in recent years is undoubtedly related with one of the fashion events in the world: the edition of Lavazza calendar. Since 1991, the company annually presents a calendar that is a real art not only in the field of the advertisements, but also in the field of fashion. World famous photographers like Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz, David Lashapel, Ellen von Unvert, Eugenio Rekuenko, Jean-Baptiste Mondino and many others worked on the publishing of the calendar. Many world names took part in the promotion clips for the famous Italian brand: to mention only Nino Manfredi, Luciano Pavarotti and George Clooney.

The theme of the calendar is always different, but the unifying element is a cup of coffee Lavazza. An interesting fact is that Lavazza officially presented the Calendar for 2010 on 15 October with bright musical show. In honour of his hometown, the company chose namely the city of Turin to host the premiere of the extravagant and very impressive calendar.

But which is the history of the Lavazza fashion calendar? It is strongly related with the name of Emilio Lavazza. He started to lead the company in the late 1970’s. In 1977, Lavazza launched an ad campaign with the actor Nino Manfredi. Two years later the company opened the first training center in Turin. During the 1980’s Lavazza became a major exporter of coffee and marked a strong presence in France, Germany, Spain, UK, USA and other countries. The company was recognized as a leader in coffee production and in 1986 became president of the European Association for the coffee. Over the years, thanks to its capacity and successful image campaign, Lavazza became a symbol of the Italian lifestyle. In 1995, Lavazza celebrated its 100 – years anniversary and opened a coffee and a laboratory dedicated to research and study the taste properties of the coffee.

However, the expansion of the company towards the international markets started in 2002 and it was closely related with the edition of the Lavazza’s calendar. Emilio Lavazza is one of the first, who wholeheartedly believe in the power of television advertising, posters and calendars to impose on the market. While managed Lavazza, he invested a lot of money in impressive advertising, but the investments have returned with a large profit. Thanks to Emilio Lavzza’s managerial abilities and efforts, the company has grown enormously. Nowadays the coffee brand employs in its four plants in Italy about 1600 people and more 3000 people in the world. Continue Reading

Miuccia Prada – An Italian Famous Fashion Designer

Miuccia Prada is a famous fashion designer that took the brand founded by her grandfather and turned it into an international powerhouse. Mario Prada started the Prada brand in 1913 and was designed to offer luxury leather bags to royalty. When Miuccia took over the family business in 1978, a lot of things changed while many remained the same; the quality of the bags and the materials used to make them hasn’t changed until today and many bags are still made by hand to preserve the exclusivity feeling as good as possible. She had help from her husband, Patrizio Bertelli who helped the brand become more commercial while remaining luxury and exclusive to the elite; today, he is still very much involved in the commercial aspect of the brand.

It seems that Miuccia Prada didn’t always dream of running the family business and was very interested in Political Science, a field in which she obtained a PhD. One of her other passions was art and theater and she studied and performed as a mime for 5 years. Her first women’s collection was ready in 1989 after having quite some success with black nylon handbag designs. The men’s collection was a bit late to appear, in 1995, but it marked the beginning of a new market for Prada.

The Miu Miu brand was introduced by this famous fashion designer to fill a gap between the common clothes and the luxury ones. Miu Miu is meant to offer affordable fashionable clothes for women and is named after her nickname. As fashion can sometimes be considered art and with her rich past, it is only normal for Miuccia Prada to be a big art collector as well as show her support towards the young artists.

While the Prada brand had a very good image from the start, it is Miuccia and her husband that took that potential and turned it into the brand we all know today, one of the most famous names in the fashion industry; not only were they perfect for each other in their personal life but they also proved the be an amazing combination as far as business goes.

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Famous Brands in 2015

The catwalks from Blumarine offered extremely fashionable trousers in vivid colors so that you forget all about the boring neutrals. The trousers are absolutely lovely and come in popular colors such as blue, violet, brown or black, but also crazier colors such as yellow or mustard.


Other brands came with something classier such as black leather as it seems that leather trousers and tops are back in business. However, leather is pretty difficult to wear as there are few accessories that go well with it and few women actually have the legs to wear slim leather pants.  Leather pants have been seen on the catwalks of fashion houses such as Balenciaga, David Koma, Diesel or ICB. Most of them were combined with other black elements, in a very punk-rock look.

In the Autumn Winter season, we will notice that another classic element has come forward. This time we are talking about the lovely classic trousers, so all fashionistas everywhere will be thrilled. Anybody has a pair of classic office style trousers at home, and it seems that this will be the norm. They were spotted on Emporio Armani and Balenciaga catwalks so it must be true. But besides the classic trousers we also have the classy wide trousers that give women a more relaxed look with their wavy material. Well, if you are very tall and skinny you will love this look as it allows for a comfortable feel while being trendy. But wide trousers are not for anybody, those who aren’t tall or slim enough should focus on trousers that would accentuate their best features. The wide trousers were spotted on a number of catwalks around the world: starting with DKNY, Ungaro, Armani to Oscar de la Renta or Phillip Lim.

Luxurious ankle boots are another must this season, and as long as you pair them with one of the trendy pair of pants mentioned above you will be the queen of fashion. They can also be paired with cut down trousers as this is one of the hottest trends you will be seeing in 2015. You can also pair them up with some animal print outfits, because you’ve guessed correctly, animal print will be fashionable again. This look was seen on Armani, DKNY, Carolina Herrera and many other catwalks out there. Continue Reading

Cristobal Balenciaga

Balenciaga is certainly one of the great names in the field of fashion. This house owes its fame to two men: first, to the founder, Cristobal Balenciaga and second, to Nicolas Ghesquière who has given it a second life.

Born in Spain in 1895, Cristobal Balenciaga was fascinated during his youth by the most popular fashion designers of that time – Coco Chanel, Madeleine Vionnet and Elsa Schiaparelli. He was so passionate about the architectural fashion pieces that he used to dissect and reassemble them, seeking to discover their structure and all the secrets they held. In 1918 he founded his fashion house in San Sebastian. Cristobal Balenciaga wanted to control everything in his creations. Coco Chanel said that he was the only one who can draw, cut, sew and assemble a model by himself.


His style goes for simple shapes, combined with rich fabrics. Some items used so expensive raw materials that the company soon faced bankruptcy. After opening two shops in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), he took refuge in London for one year and then forever established in Paris where he became famous. He is one of the few fashion designers not to close his house during the Second World War. Moreover, the scarcity of tissue was a source of inspiration for him and led him to develop cutting techniques that allowed it to obtain volume without accumulating layers of material.

His Spanish roots can be seen in the well known Infanta gown he designed in 1939. This pink satin dress was adorned with black velvet around the hips and the luxurious neckline. Spanish influence and consequence of tough economic conditions, the Matador boleros emerged in 1946. Among the typical lines of the Balenciaga style, one of the most remarkable is that so-called peacock’s tail, leaving the knee exposed and going down on the back.

But they also count on accessories, some of which become a cult like the Lariat bag. Perfumes are also a major windfall as they allow the house to survive during difficult periods. The most famous fragrance bottle is Le Dix, named after the Parisian address of the house.

To his loyal customers’ disappointment, Cristobal Balenciaga decided to close his fashion house in 1968, after fifty years of career and success, right after having designed the Air France stewardesses’ uniform.

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Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is a fashion house founded in 1985 by two fashion designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. The two designers worked in the same location back in 1980 and decided to start a consulting agency which will later be known as Dolce & Gabbana. Obviously, both of them had a great sense of fashion which was completed by the other part and made for some amazing designs to come out with the brand name. It didn’t take long for their style to be presented in the first women’s collection which was quite the success in 1985. Only one year later, they would manage to open their own store in Milan.


A key period in the history of these two famous fashion designers is when they introduced the leotard line in 1987 which made quite a name for themselves. Two years later, they entered a new market niche and started designing underwear and swimming costumes. It didn’t take long for their brand to break the boundaries of Italy and Dolce & Gabbana products started appearing in Japan and U.S. as well as new stores. The men’s collection was introduced in 1990 and other fashion ideas weren’t far behind. As most respectable fashion designers, Dolce & Gabbana need to offer various choices to their clients and not just clothes. Their first perfume was a huge success and others quickly followed; one even won an Oscar for best male perfume in 1996.

The brand created by the two famous fashion designers has two central lines that offer different styles and have different goals.

Dolce&Gabbana is all about offering luxury items that follow timeless trends. Things such as sunglasses, purse and watches as well as other fashion items are made by this line and the designs are meant to always be in fashion. It is the formal line where influences from other designers can be seen.

D&G is quite casual compared to the first line and it is all about coming up with new and unique ideas that would catch the public’s attention instead of following existent trends. It is designed for younger people and it is a bit more rebellious with its styles. The two lines combined create the perfect fashion house with items for everyone and it is only possible thanks to the two famous fashion designers that took the fashion world by storm.

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Thom Dolan – The New Androgynous Style

If you are looking for that fashion designer that will give you a new approach to a style but also with enough experience to make sure that you get exactly what you want from your outfits, this is definitely the designer you want. The person we are talking about is a great new, but actually experienced fashion designer called Thom Dolan. She has been working in the fashion industry for 20 years now with companies like Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani or Bill Blass, so you know that he has been learning from the pros how to create amazing outfits.


Thomasine Dolan lives with her husband and 3 children in Manhattan and always thought that men’s tailoring would be a great addition to women’s fashion. Attention to details, bold and straight lines are just a few elements that make her designs absolutely unique, not just the great fabrics and cool combinations. It almost makes us think a bit about Paris, with the tomboy look and the short hair some of the French collections used to have in the 90s, but definitely with a more modern approach. Another great thing that we have to mention about her collection is the fact that she uses handcrafted fashion accessories to improve her clothes, so if you are looking for something unique, she definitely has everything you need. One of the other elements that are important to her collection and are definitely a signature for her clothes is her use of exquisite fabrics; she absolutely loves having good fabrics that not only wrap the body, but also give it what it needs from a piece of clothing.

The vintage touch that can be seen in most of her clothes is definitely refreshing and she doesn’t go for the old vintage feel, she just goes for the elegance and simplicity we were able to find in old clothes collections. Also, you will definitely notice the relaxed and effortless look her clothes will bring but also that New England feel. If you are one of those people who consider themselves snobs when it comes to fashion and definitely want to stand out, but you also have a fixation on good fabrics, Thom Dolan will definitely impress you.

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Jennifer Chun – Innovative fashion with a European twist

If you are looking for those feminine touches that would simply transform your look into an elegant, effortless and timeless look, you probably have to check out the new faces in the fashion industry. A lot of people already know the elements well known fashion brands use for their collections and most fashionistas are getting tired of them and looking for fresh approaches. So why not make sure that you manage to dress up in a great way by using clothes created by a new designer, this way you will not only promote new names but you will manage to create unique outfits that stand out. One of these new designers that simply have to be checked out by anybody calling themselves a fashion lover is Jennifer Chun. She manages to offer us a feminine and refined collection of fabrics that are suitable for any occasion.


Her collection has a great dash of European touch to it, bringing something really cool to the American approach to things. She manages to combine fabrics with great cuts and created a great collection that really manages to stand out even among the famous fashion designers. She is also interested in creating a powerful structure with her clothes and exquisite tailoring which is definitely something a lot of fashion designers overlook nowadays.

What’s great about her is the fact that she has a lot of influences, which can be seen in her high creativity level. She was born in South Korea and raised in Troy, Ohio. She started studying art at an early age and began working with Michael Kors, Derek Lam and Brian Reyes afterwards gaining a lot of insight on the fashion industry and learning a lot about this job from the best.

She managed to make her debut this year at the New York Fashion Week with her Spring/Summer collection that managed to bring something unique and definitely fresh on the table.  She has been featured in a lot of publications and her heritage can definitely be seen in style that manages to make anybody stand out without any problems. If you want something that combines a lot of cultures, Jennifer Chun might become your favorite fashion designer.

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The Famous Dr. Martens Boots

Dr. Martens boots have been known for many years now. They became so popular among punk-rock bands that they have been a status symbol for rebels. The brand has become a British footwear brand that makes different products such as luggage, clothing or shoes, but before that it had an interesting history behind it. The boots were invented by Dr Klaus Märtens and when he injured his food while skiing he found that the boots he was wearing were very uncomfortable. The boots he was wearing were standard boots for the army and while he tried to walk in them, he couldn’t do it without pain so he decided he would make some modifications. He created a pair of boots with air-cushioned soles and leather. However, nobody bought his products but when he became partner with Dr. Herbert Funck, they started being a hit among people over the age of 40 because they were so comfortable.

Dr. Martens boots

Soon a factory was opened and a lot of factory workers and people who did heavy jobs used them. They were a great hit among the working class but they were soon to become fashion items that have been trendy for generations. In the early 70s skinheads started dressing with boots and Dr. Martens nicely made and comfortable boots were one of their options. By the 80s they become even more popular and when famous band members started wearing them, they were a massive hit. The company started manufacturing other leather products such as belts or luggage but nothing was so popular as the boots.

The boots made today are of the same good quality they used to be and they are great for those looking for something comfortable and chic. They used to be associated with rebel behavior but nowadays everybody has a pair and they have even been on the catwalks of some of the highest fashion designers. This urban trend is a great choice for those who want to experiment with punk fashion and are looking for the fashion items associated with it. Dr. Martens boots are definitely a big part of this subculture.

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Lady Dior

The fascinating saga of this timeless Dior item started back in 1995 when this bag model was released and soon afterwards, offered as a welcoming to France gift by Bernadette Chirac to the so much hunted by the media Princess of Wales. Actually, it was the latter one that provided this unique model with the name it is known as nowadays. The house’s creative manager at that time, Gianfranco Ferre, made a very smart marketing move by naming the exquisite bag model after the most photographed woman when Lady Di made several public appearances holding different versions of her favorite accessory.


Although several re-iterations of the same basic design have been issued over the years, Lady Dior is best known as a quilted patent leather bag, with cannage stitching, four golden rings making the connection between the square or rectangular main part and the two reinforced leather handles. The four letters spelling the house’s signature Dior gracefully dangle on a key ring on all versions of this legendary bag, be it made of matte python, tweed or jacquard. Seen on many first ladies and celebrities, advertised by names like Carla Bruni, Diane Kruger and Monica Bellucci, presented on catwalks in the world’s fashion capitals (Paris, New York, Shanghai, London, Moscow and Los Angeles), the iconic bag was declined in all colors and all textures.

The latest advertising campaign was featured by the beautiful Marion Cotillard, who perfectly embodies, according to John Galliano, the typical elegance of the Dior spirit and the modern image of the Parisian woman. Just like the fashion house, the award winning French star grew up in Paris, but her name is known all over the world.


The the short film directed by John Cameron Mitchell of the “L.Ady Dior” campaign is set on the hills of the City of Angels where the mythical product has a new Hollywood adventure. Thus, Marion becomes Margaux – an actress disappointed by the cinema business who prepares herself for a photo shoot. Barely made ​​up and dressed, the beautiful woman takes a break and enters the photographer’s games, thus, revealing a new facet of her personality, together with the iconic Lady Dior bag in an ultra-luxury version of multi-colored crocodile leather. In the “Lady Grey London” movie, the same actress, owning the same bag, but in a different color, has the miraculous power to make an invalid walk again and to turn a construction worker into a real artist.

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Clover Canyon

If you are into the free, fresh and colorful spirit of California, you will absolutely love the new fashion brand called Clover Canyon. Not only does it have a vibrant collection filled with lots of incredible clothes, but it also manages to bring a dash of sophistication to some of its casual pieces. A beautiful collection that seems to be fearless in terms of fashion boundaries, the new summer spring collection from Clover Canyon surprises everybody with its unique feel.

Clover Canyon

The person behind this eclectic and absolutely fabulous collection is Rozae Nichols, who is known for her beautiful and detailed collections and also appreciated for the fact that she uses luxurious materials. She manages to create modern pieces of art through her clothing that she takes great pride in because of the fact that they are individually sewn and unique, definitely not something that is bulk made.

The clothes available in her collection are a great alternative to well known internationally fashion brands as not only does she use a great variety of materials but she also matches the most extravagant prints and styles to create exquisite pieces. Although unique, she doesn’t fail to bring the classical pieces on the table, but with her own personal approach. She is inspired by many artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Sigmar Polke, Robert Raushenberg and considers that it is her duty to interpret various types of art mediums into her own approach fashion.

The woman that dresses from Clover Canyon is a confident and modern woman, who wants and needs to stand out not only through her clothes but also through the grace they give to her. If you find yourself in this particular description, you should definitely check out this beautiful designer and make sure that you try at least a few pieces of clothing. Her extensive hand finishing has become a signature element in her collection and some of her collections, such as California chick, that has an artisan approach style, are actually unique and contain collectable items. When you simply love colors and like amazing combinations, Clover Canyon is the fashion brand for you.

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