Colored Tees For A Lovely Summer

If you find summer boring and most of your outfits have lost their uniqueness, then a bunch of colorful tees might be the cure for your fashion sickness.  The great thing about these is that you can easily incorporate them with any type of outfit so when you are trying to create a unique look, they work perfectly fine.  The T-shirt has always been a useful fashion item, since the 19th century. It managed to become popular due to the fact that it was so easy to wear. At first, it was mostly worn by people who worked and needed something that would keep them cool and absorb their sweat. As cotton became more popular in clothes, so did the T-Shirts. The first T-shirt actually appeared during the World War One and it definitely made things easier for men all over the world as soldiers wore them as an undergarment.

Colored Tees

If you want something that is both versatile and comfortable a cool T-shirt is what you need this summer. The great thing is that you can find almost any color imaginable and make sure that it’s as unique as you want it to be. You can even create a custom T-shirt if you want to stand out even more. All you need is some acrylic paint and various beads and buttons that you can apply on it. If you don’t want to create a shirt and you simply want to create something unique by combining it with various types of clothing, there are some ways to do it.

You can wear your T-shirt under a shirt if you are planning to go out somewhere colder, this way you can easily take the shirt off when it’s hot. If you want a comfortable every day look all you have to do is combine your shirt with a simple skirt or a simple pair of pants. Jeans are the best solution if you want to go for the classic casual look, but any type of pants would work as long as they are casual.

T-Shirts are definitely a fashion item that will never go out of style and the more colors you have in your wardrobe, the better.

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Fashion Items That Can Be Worn In Various Ways

Whether you are looking for something a bit more versatile to spice up your wardrobe or you simply want to know various ways that will make your fashion item look different, this guide will definitely give you a lot of ideas. Here are some fashion items that are essential when you want to combine countless looks.


Sarong – A sarong is a beautiful item to have in your wardrobe as it can become so many outfits at the same time, just by tying a knot or adding some safety pins. You can easily tie a sarong in a triangle skirt and wear it with something more casual for a nice walk during the park. Another type of outfit you can make out of a sarong is a wrap dress, which is a great way to dress during a walk on the beach or over your swimsuit. If you are feeling a bit more casual you can easily make a tube dress from your sarong by adding a few safety pins. A toga dress can also be created if you want to stand out and show people how creative you can be with your clothes. Also, let’s not forget that you can also create a cute long skirt just by tying the sarong around your waist and adding some flats for the most comfortable look for summer.

A sundress – a sundress is also a versatile item as it can be easily transformed by adding some other fashion items over it. Add a jeans jacket over your sundress with some comfortable shoes and you have the perfect outfit for a walk in the park or a bicycle ride. You can also create a longer top by knotting a sun dress just at your waist if you want to wear it with something else. Also, you can simply wear it with jeans for a really cool look.

The basic Tee – the basic Tee has so many uses: you can wear it under a dress, over a dress to give the impression that you have a skirt and over a long sleeved blouse for a sporty more comfortable look.

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Pre-War Fashion Accessories

Any pre-war time was a fascinating period that modeled the world as we know it but also fashion trends. It is quite fascinating to study how fashion makes sense from a historical point of view when considered the events that took place in a certain society.  In this article we will only discuss the fashion items related to the 1930-1945 period as it was quite an interesting time in terms of fashion.

One of the mostly used feature before the war was the zipper as it was fairly new and was considered to improve not only the way people looked in certain clothing but also factors relating to comfort and functions of clothing. Since there was a high need for more comfortable clothing as men were preparing for war, the industry had a high boost when it came to this aspect. Also, a lot of pockets were used in clothing as they gave people higher accessibility to their items.


The movies of that time also modeled a certain look, especially when it came to women. The look was very rough but also feminine. Women in the movies were wearing a lot of accessories and it is safe to say that the fashion industry regarding accessories got a big boost. One of the most popular accessories from that time was the pair of gloves. They were worn by everybody and it can still be seen in movies how significant they were. Elbow length gloves were very in fashion when it came to an elegant look and during daytime women wore shorter gloves, but everybody had to wear them.

Another important accessory was the hat and there were various hats that have become symbols of that era. Small black hats were popular, which was quite different from the time before, when women wore large hats. But if we look at the events that took place, this can only be described as a need for people to stay comfortable as there was a diminished interest in opulent jewelry since they were living really hard times. Also, let’s not forget about the restriction of materials that started after the war, which also modeled a different type of simpler fashion.

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Fashion Tips For 2013 Brides

If you are one of the happy brides this summer, you will definitely have a big surprise when it comes to the most fashionable trends. They are not simple at all and you will be able to be a beautiful bride with an incredibly feminine look, since that is the signature of this season’s trend. Let’s see what the main elements are when it comes to brides to make sure that you cover them all or make sure that you choose the most important when it comes to your appearance.



Makeup is an essential part of the bride’s outfit and you will surely need to respect the trends too when choosing how to do your bridal makeup. You should always use neutral colors and things that usually enhance your features. Browns, peach, and pinks are the trends this year but you can also go for a nude look or something even more natural. Don’t forget a beautiful blush that will be selected according to your skin tone that will give you that innocent and beautiful aura every bride needs to have.



Luckily for you, this year braids are extremely trendy so you can create a beautiful braided hair with a nice decorative piece. If you want to keep things simple, you should only add a few flowers in your hair or something small and minimalistic; nothing says femininity like a minimalist style that enhances your features.


peach dress

You can get a fabulous dress with the trends that are hot this season. First of all, you can get a beautiful peach or a pinkish toned dress if you want to go for a more unusual look than the traditional white dress. The other elements that can be added are flowers; since this season is filled with flowery patterns you can get a dress that symbolizes youth and happiness by having flower elements on it. Don’t forget about lance, it’s quite a trendy element and if you want to shock everybody you can definitely go for a dress made entirely out of lace.

In the end, it’s up to you to choose what you want to include in your bridal look, but make sure that you add at least a few elements to be as trendy as you can on your most important day.

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