Cavaliers are back in vogue

The cold approach to women is not a fashion trend anymore. Modern men should remember how to woo their sweetheart with sense of humor and charm. The image of the gentleman with polished manners, who acts with courtesy and finesse, is revived.

If you think these are just words of unknown dreamers, will be wrong. This is the conclusion of a recent study, carried out in the University of Michigan by Professor David Buss. The aim of the study was to assess how men tried to attract the attention of a particular woman. The survey has shown that 80% of men start a conversation with the woman and try to attract and the keep her attention as long as possible. Almost half of the participants (45%) use the female emotions and try to weak up her compassion. Only 10% of men are sure in their artistry.

After the first steps, great part of the men relies on the chivalry. The romantic side of the life helps to 35% of them to win the love of their beloved. 39% of men give frequently flowers as a present. 34% of cavaliers invite women on a restaurant, and even more (36%) are ready to cock for the ladies of their hearts!

It seems even the fashion trends reflect the new situation in the intimate world of the two sexes. Fashion houses Versace and Gucci presented their men prêt-a-porter collections for next winter. The comments about the new collection are that a dandy, who attracts women with elegance and charm, is revived. Some of the colors and accents tend back to 70’s fashion: violet and blue. The other colors in the collection of the designer John Richmond are warm and alluring: pearl, all shadows of brown and warm, earth colors.

Even the silhouette of the jackets and trousers cuts are retro. Loafers and high shoes go in combination with drawn down trousers. In weekends angora sweaters will warm not only men, but also women in their arms. Frida Giannini, the designer of Gucci, also embrace the idea of the men of the 70’s. Sensual and luxurious fabrics are used in her collection: cashmere, angora, ostrich or deer leather. The evening suits are made of sensual velvet, and the patent leather shoes are almost a must. Silk or superior cotton shirts give the sensation for elegance and style. However, the prints on the silk shirts of John Richmond hint, that we already leave in the 21st century with more democratic and cosmopolitan fashion style.

Leather jackets, leather coats even typical rock style suits like these in Donatella Versace’s collection, are on the top. The man “macho”, the man, who knows how to behave so as to be adored by women – this is the winning suggestion of the top designers of the world. The colors of Versace’s collection are mainly in the black shade, but very interesting models of grey jackets were shown. However, the accents of the collection are in the same tempting for women colors: pink, red, blue and violet. The shoulders are larger, as every man has to be strong by his lady.