Clover Canyon

If you are into the free, fresh and colorful spirit of California, you will absolutely love the new fashion brand called Clover Canyon. Not only does it have a vibrant collection filled with lots of incredible clothes, but it also manages to bring a dash of sophistication to some of its casual pieces. A beautiful collection that seems to be fearless in terms of fashion boundaries, the new summer spring collection from Clover Canyon surprises everybody with its unique feel.

Clover Canyon

The person behind this eclectic and absolutely fabulous collection is Rozae Nichols, who is known for her beautiful and detailed collections and also appreciated for the fact that she uses luxurious materials. She manages to create modern pieces of art through her clothing that she takes great pride in because of the fact that they are individually sewn and unique, definitely not something that is bulk made.

The clothes available in her collection are a great alternative to well known internationally fashion brands as not only does she use a great variety of materials but she also matches the most extravagant prints and styles to create exquisite pieces. Although unique, she doesn’t fail to bring the classical pieces on the table, but with her own personal approach. She is inspired by many artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Sigmar Polke, Robert Raushenberg and considers that it is her duty to interpret various types of art mediums into her own approach fashion.

The woman that dresses from Clover Canyon is a confident and modern woman, who wants and needs to stand out not only through her clothes but also through the grace they give to her. If you find yourself in this particular description, you should definitely check out this beautiful designer and make sure that you try at least a few pieces of clothing. Her extensive hand finishing has become a signature element in her collection and some of her collections, such as California chick, that has an artisan approach style, are actually unique and contain collectable items. When you simply love colors and like amazing combinations, Clover Canyon is the fashion brand for you.