Cocktail Rings

It seems that everybody is wearing a cocktail ring nowadays and cocktail rings are really cool to wear because they give a certain style to any hand. What’s interesting about cocktail rings is the fact that they come with a story behind as it seems they were first used during the Prohibition. Those who went to illegal cocktail parties wore the rings which they used to boast about the fact that they drank with style. Their popularity rose even during the 40s and 50s because cocktail parties were really popular. Nowadays drinking alcohol is not prohibited anymore and cocktail parties aren’t very widespread, but cocktail rings have remained in trend. They are worn during various occasions and have been increasingly getting more popularity in the last few years. Cocktail rings have maintained this popular status due to the fact that they are very versatile, they can be found in all colors and shapes imaginable and they look good on any type of hand.

cocktail_ring 1

There are inexpensive cocktail rings that are made with cheaper metals and imitation stones but if you want something glamorous you can definitely opt for a cocktail ring made with diamonds or other shiny expensive stones. A lot of fashionistas out there prefer adding a beautiful cocktail ring to their outfit rather than struggle accessorizing it with various fashion items. Even during the most elegant occasions the cocktail ring can be a safe bet and will definitely increase the “wow factor” of your outfit.


According to the time you wear your cocktail ring you can choose different styles. For daytime you can choose fun colors and trendy simple cocktail rings that go well with urban and more casual clothes. Also, for street wear even a simple cocktail ring can improve the way your outfit looks so don’t avoid them during daytime.

If you are planning to have a night out with friends or a lovely dinner at a fancy restaurant something bigger but with more sparkle and less colors is better. Choose things that go well with elegant outfits and blend nicely with the colors you are wearing.