Complementing Your Casual Rucksack

Rucksacks are great fashion items, both practical and nice to look at as long as they fit the outfit. Unfortunately, since they were popular in the 90s rucksacks have been obsolete by many fashion designers.  But they are such a great add to any casual outfit and they can be really trendy if they have great patterns and colors. Fortunately, backpacks or rucksacks have been making a comeback at the beginning of 2013 so they have gained a bit more attention since the 90s.

Rucksacks are extremely easy to wear and very practical for those who have to carry around a lot of things. Sometimes having a big handbag just doesn’t do it and it’s also pretty uncomfortable on your shoulders. This is why rucksacks are great and they fit a lot of things inside.


There are many fashion houses that make amazing rucksacks for affordable prices. For example, Herschel, River Island , Fred Perry or even Nike are some of the casual brands that will bring you a lot of options when it comes to holding your belongings. There are also beach rucksacks that you can take with you when you want to have something comfortable to carry your beach wear and accessories in. They are small and made of soft materials that won’t damage the exposed skin.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you are wearing a rucksack. Make sure that you get one that sits on the middle of your back or upper back, you wouldn’t want it at the base of your spine because it damages your back and cripples your walk.  Of course, depending on how you will use it, you should opt for various rucksacks. For example, if you are using your rucksack with your beach wear you should get a materials that cleans easily; on the other hand, if you are carrying heavy items in your rucksack, a material that is more sturdy will be more appropriate. So next time you are thinking about ways to carry your things around, perhaps the rucksack will be a comfortable and an easy way to do so.