Fashion Items That Can Be Worn In Various Ways

Whether you are looking for something a bit more versatile to spice up your wardrobe or you simply want to know various ways that will make your fashion item look different, this guide will definitely give you a lot of ideas. Here are some fashion items that are essential when you want to combine countless looks.


Sarong – A sarong is a beautiful item to have in your wardrobe as it can become so many outfits at the same time, just by tying a knot or adding some safety pins. You can easily tie a sarong in a triangle skirt and wear it with something more casual for a nice walk during the park. Another type of outfit you can make out of a sarong is a wrap dress, which is a great way to dress during a walk on the beach or over your swimsuit. If you are feeling a bit more casual you can easily make a tube dress from your sarong by adding a few safety pins. A toga dress can also be created if you want to stand out and show people how creative you can be with your clothes. Also, let’s not forget that you can also create a cute long skirt just by tying the sarong around your waist and adding some flats for the most comfortable look for summer.

A sundress – a sundress is also a versatile item as it can be easily transformed by adding some other fashion items over it. Add a jeans jacket over your sundress with some comfortable shoes and you have the perfect outfit for a walk in the park or a bicycle ride. You can also create a longer top by knotting a sun dress just at your waist if you want to wear it with something else. Also, you can simply wear it with jeans for a really cool look.

The basic Tee – the basic Tee has so many uses: you can wear it under a dress, over a dress to give the impression that you have a skirt and over a long sleeved blouse for a sporty more comfortable look.