Jennifer Chun – Innovative fashion with a European twist

If you are looking for those feminine touches that would simply transform your look into an elegant, effortless and timeless look, you probably have to check out the new faces in the fashion industry. A lot of people already know the elements well known fashion brands use for their collections and most fashionistas are getting tired of them and looking for fresh approaches. So why not make sure that you manage to dress up in a great way by using clothes created by a new designer, this way you will not only promote new names but you will manage to create unique outfits that stand out. One of these new designers that simply have to be checked out by anybody calling themselves a fashion lover is Jennifer Chun. She manages to offer us a feminine and refined collection of fabrics that are suitable for any occasion.


Her collection has a great dash of European touch to it, bringing something really cool to the American approach to things. She manages to combine fabrics with great cuts and created a great collection that really manages to stand out even among the famous fashion designers. She is also interested in creating a powerful structure with her clothes and exquisite tailoring which is definitely something a lot of fashion designers overlook nowadays.

What’s great about her is the fact that she has a lot of influences, which can be seen in her high creativity level. She was born in South Korea and raised in Troy, Ohio. She started studying art at an early age and began working with Michael Kors, Derek Lam and Brian Reyes afterwards gaining a lot of insight on the fashion industry and learning a lot about this job from the best.

She managed to make her debut this year at the New York Fashion Week with her Spring/Summer collection that managed to bring something unique and definitely fresh on the table.  She has been featured in a lot of publications and her heritage can definitely be seen in style that manages to make anybody stand out without any problems. If you want something that combines a lot of cultures, Jennifer Chun might become your favorite fashion designer.