Lavazza Fashion Calendar

Lavazza is founded as a small family company 125 years ago. But as “the modern father” of the Italian coffee is considered Emilio Lavazza, who leaded the company in the last 40 years and who, unfortunately, passed away in 2010 at the age of 79. During this period he managed to transform the former family coffee shop into a global force on the international coffee market. After four generations, the family company selling Lavazza in Italy and all around the world, reached 1.2 billion euro turnover. Every morning Lavazza enter the home of 20 million families only in Italy with a cup of coffee.

The history of Lavazza in recent years is undoubtedly related with one of the fashion events in the world: the edition of Lavazza calendar. Since 1991, the company annually presents a calendar that is a real art not only in the field of the advertisements, but also in the field of fashion. World famous photographers like Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz, David Lashapel, Ellen von Unvert, Eugenio Rekuenko, Jean-Baptiste Mondino and many others worked on the publishing of the calendar. Many world names took part in the promotion clips for the famous Italian brand: to mention only Nino Manfredi, Luciano Pavarotti and George Clooney.

The theme of the calendar is always different, but the unifying element is a cup of coffee Lavazza. An interesting fact is that Lavazza officially presented the Calendar for 2010 on 15 October with bright musical show. In honour of his hometown, the company chose namely the city of Turin to host the premiere of the extravagant and very impressive calendar.

But which is the history of the Lavazza fashion calendar? It is strongly related with the name of Emilio Lavazza. He started to lead the company in the late 1970’s. In 1977, Lavazza launched an ad campaign with the actor Nino Manfredi. Two years later the company opened the first training center in Turin. During the 1980’s Lavazza became a major exporter of coffee and marked a strong presence in France, Germany, Spain, UK, USA and other countries. The company was recognized as a leader in coffee production and in 1986 became president of the European Association for the coffee. Over the years, thanks to its capacity and successful image campaign, Lavazza became a symbol of the Italian lifestyle. In 1995, Lavazza celebrated its 100 – years anniversary and opened a coffee and a laboratory dedicated to research and study the taste properties of the coffee.

However, the expansion of the company towards the international markets started in 2002 and it was closely related with the edition of the Lavazza’s calendar. Emilio Lavazza is one of the first, who wholeheartedly believe in the power of television advertising, posters and calendars to impose on the market. While managed Lavazza, he invested a lot of money in impressive advertising, but the investments have returned with a large profit. Thanks to Emilio Lavzza’s managerial abilities and efforts, the company has grown enormously. Nowadays the coffee brand employs in its four plants in Italy about 1600 people and more 3000 people in the world.