Comfortable Flip Flops for Summer

There is nothing like a nice and comfortable pair of flip flops in the summer! If you don’t wear flip flops, the first moment you try them, your life will probably change. This is probably the reason why a lot of high fashion brands are now commercializing flip flops for those who can afford it. There are many companies that sell Swarovski covered flip flops and sandals for those who want to be glamorous even when going to the beach.

If you don’t know what flip flops are, you probably missed their name since everybody must have worn a pair during their lives. The flip-flops, also called sandals by some, are created to provide maximum comfort for the wearer. They were created by the ancient Egyptians and worn throughout history by a lot of people because they were comfortable and very easy to manufacture. Nowadays, flip flops are created for a day at the beach or something comfortable to wear during the summer. Even though flip flops are not the most elegant type of foot wear, you can easily find a few fashionable models out there. Target or Old Navy has a few models for all kinds of tastes and preferences, whether you like your flip flops simple or with many patterns and flowers all over.

Flip Flops

You can combine flip flops with miniskirts and even trousers but make sure that you opt for something casual. Also, never wear flip flops in areas where this might be considered impolite, such as elegant events or places. There is nothing that says bad taste more than flip flops in those areas.

As fashion items, flip flops are not considered to be great accessories by many designers but there are some who were eccentric enough to create the most expensive pair of flip flops, a pair that costs about 18,000$ and was designed by a contemporary artist. Of course, nobody sane would ever want to buy that but there are also high end brands that have considered creating flip flops.

Nobody should live without a pair of flip flops in their wardrobe as long as they don’t wear them at the wrong occasions.

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Starter Jersey

There are few things that scream night out with the boys more than a Starter jersey with your favorite team. How is it a fashion item, one might ask. Well it defines an era that is slowly but surely making its way back into the mainstream and that is the 90’s. Specifically the late 90’s when urban fashion and hip-hop inspired clothing were very big. It was then that Starter jerseys representing mostly football teams, but hockey, baseball and even basketball teams made their way into the very fabric of society. They transcended the love for a certain sport and managed to establish themselves as a legitimate type of urban fashion item.

Starter Jersey

Generally worn with casual clothes, they worked best with jeans. They were adorned by every facet of society, from normal, average working class people to celebrities, sportsmen and actors. They worked well when going to leisure events, or the game but could make one look out of place on a date or at a restaurant.

One of the reason they were such a hit isn’t only the comfort they provided but also the multiple ways people could express themselves while wearing them. You could show you’re knowledge of a sport or that you shared a trait similar to the team you wore on your jersey.

More than this, they were a clear symbol of a guy’s night out. They represented more than a fashion item, it was about bonding and representing the things that were dear to some people.

Why it is important that this is making a comeback? Because everything is going back to the 90’s and it’s only a matter a time before you will see everyone wear a jersey with their favorite team again.

For a little history behind the brand, Starter was founded back 1971 by David Beckerman, a former basketball player that mainly made sport uniforms for high schools. After managing to sign a few contracts with MLB teams he started making and commercializing jerseys with the biggest name in baseball. The business grew and by the 90’s Starter was doing business in more than 25 countries.

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Casual Suits

If you like to look great but feel confined by a suit, or if you feel you’re always overdressed when going out then casual suits are the perfect thing for you. They create that perfect balance of looking great and feeling comfortable that so few fashion items manage to achieve successfully.

Their main quality is versatility. This is true both for accessorizing different jackets and pants to create a casual suit, and for the event you are attending. If you want something that can go with just about any shirt, t-shirt or even a hoodie, then a casual suit is the thing for you. Go for a tighter fight or something just comfortable. Choose a color that makes your hair or eyes pop out or go with something more conservative. Depending on the scenery you can opt for a white casual suit if you’re in a summer/beach environment or something darker for a classic urban look.

casual suit

Make sure you accessorize your new casual suit. While classic suits usually go with just a watch and little else when it comes to jewelry, casual suits give you much more freedom. Try on different pendants, chains, flashy or understated, your pick. You can also go with a statement watch; something big or ostentatiously colored.

The other great thing is that a casual suit is just right for most events. From a night out with friends to a upper class bar to more important events like an informal wedding or company party. Also feel free to wear your suit to your work place. You’ll shine among all those charcoal grey and navy blue classic cut suits.

When choosing your casual suit, regardless if you want it super tight just right or quite loose make sure it is comfortable. After all, that’s the whole point of a casual suit, to make you look like a million bucks and make you feel less restrained and more at ease.

Material is also important, depending on the occasion and how long you want your suit to last you. Go all the way and invest in a high quality material and not only will you look great but your suit will stand the test of time and be waiting for you whenever you need to look good. Wear it with jeans, a two piece suit, or a skirt, it will complete your urban look and make you into a true fashion icon among your friends.

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Cocktail Rings

It seems that everybody is wearing a cocktail ring nowadays and cocktail rings are really cool to wear because they give a certain style to any hand. What’s interesting about cocktail rings is the fact that they come with a story behind as it seems they were first used during the Prohibition. Those who went to illegal cocktail parties wore the rings which they used to boast about the fact that they drank with style. Their popularity rose even during the 40s and 50s because cocktail parties were really popular. Nowadays drinking alcohol is not prohibited anymore and cocktail parties aren’t very widespread, but cocktail rings have remained in trend. They are worn during various occasions and have been increasingly getting more popularity in the last few years. Cocktail rings have maintained this popular status due to the fact that they are very versatile, they can be found in all colors and shapes imaginable and they look good on any type of hand.

cocktail_ring 1

There are inexpensive cocktail rings that are made with cheaper metals and imitation stones but if you want something glamorous you can definitely opt for a cocktail ring made with diamonds or other shiny expensive stones. A lot of fashionistas out there prefer adding a beautiful cocktail ring to their outfit rather than struggle accessorizing it with various fashion items. Even during the most elegant occasions the cocktail ring can be a safe bet and will definitely increase the “wow factor” of your outfit.


According to the time you wear your cocktail ring you can choose different styles. For daytime you can choose fun colors and trendy simple cocktail rings that go well with urban and more casual clothes. Also, for street wear even a simple cocktail ring can improve the way your outfit looks so don’t avoid them during daytime.

If you are planning to have a night out with friends or a lovely dinner at a fancy restaurant something bigger but with more sparkle and less colors is better. Choose things that go well with elegant outfits and blend nicely with the colors you are wearing.

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The Weekender Bag

The weekender bag is that sort of bag that you take away with you when you need to carry a lot of important items. The term weekender bag comes from the fact that people have getaways on the weekend, picnics or simple strolls in the park. The bag is perfect to carry your essentials and even more if you want to take with you.

The most important thing about the weekender bag is not necessarily its utility but its versatility. The countless color combinations and the ease with which you can accessorize any outfit from the casual to the elegant makes the weekender bag more than a fashion item; it transcends that very tough to cross barrier of a useful fashion item. Another great thing about the weekender bag is the ease with which it can be worn by both women and men, making it extremely useful no matter what sex you are.


A weekender bag can be combined with a pair of jeans, with casual trousers and even with skirts. It can be carried to your office on days when you have to take a lot of work with you home and it can be carried when you go outside with your child and you need to carry their things. Another common use for the weekender bag is the fact that it can be easily worn during short travel trips as you can easily pack your basic necessities and take it with you on the plane.

They come in so many varieties for all kinds of taste and in all sizes. You can order a smaller weekender bag or a bigger one if you want to fit more things inside. Also, the bags are decorated in so many ways that you can easily find a sports weekender bag with simple lines and just a few colors but also glamour weekender bags that come encrusted with diamonds and other precious stones giving you that bling feel.

Why is the weekender bag important? Because unlike many fashion items that are beauty related is offers a practical use without sacrificing a chic look.

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Ray Ban Aviator Glasses

If you have been living under a rock for the last century you probably don’t know about Ray Ban glasses. They are everywhere: in your spam email, in magazines and the media. But there’s more to these glasses than one would expect from a high end brand that seems to be a trend among fashion victims. The fact that they are counterfeit at a large scale also gives us an idea of how famous they are everybody wants to be seen owning a pair at any price.

Ray Ban Aviator 1

But Ray Ban glasses actually had a different purpose besides fashion when they were conceived. Their story begins in 1937 when Bausch and Lomb created glasses that would cover the entire human eye and keep aviators from having to deal with light during flights. They were dark glasses with steel frames, very durable and made with big lenses that were slightly convex. The design was created with G15 glass lenses that were transmitting 20% of the incoming light. These glasses did an extremely good job to protect aviators from the sun and their reputation rose among people everywhere when celebrities started to wear them.

Ray Ban Aviator

The mainstream media became obsessed with the glasses after they were worn by James Dean in Rebel without a Cause. Soon, they were the “bad guy” symbol and were worn by celebrities like: Val Kilmer, Tom Cruise, Ringo Starr or Sylvester Stallone. Their peak lasted for more than 20 years but they became fashionable again in the early 2000s when they started to be worn on TV. Soon another generation would wear the famous Aviator Ray Ban glasses. Since then they have become a sort of classics and can be found in a few lists with undying fashion items to own. But besides their fashionable purpose and the fact that they look extremely well, one thing is for sure: they do a very good job at keeping the sunlight away.

Ray Ban aviator glasses can be combined with almost anything from casual to sports and even elegant attire. For those of you who want to make a statement, these are your typical “bad boy, bad girl” glasses.

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Keds Shoes

When you think about sneakers, you should definitely think about Keds. Keds Shoes are the first sneakers ever produced so they not only have great experience in producing good footwear, there’s also an interesting history behind it. When creating the shoes the company wanted to name them Peds but it was already taken, so the Keds brand was born. This happened in 1917 and the shoes were considered to be extremely well made and high quality sneakers. Although Keds were popular from the beginning, they became really popular in 1949 along with their line called Pro-Keds that were adopted by basketball players and hip-hop artists. They were also the preferred footwear for tennis players around the world. The Triumph line was created for men and became an instant classic. Nowadays, there are still people that collect these sneakers.

keds sneakers shoes

These fashion items’ fame rose in the 1980 when they started being a big trend among teenagers. Because they were light and comfortable to wear, cheerleaders used them along with their uniform. There were several appearances in the media with people wearing them and they became some of the best sold footwear.   They soon became popular among both sexes and a great option for those wearing casual-sporty clothes as they were comfortable and very durable.

Throughout the years the company did a lot of modifications to their existing models. Some models had anti-shock material to keep athletes from hurting their legs, others had material that kept your feet dry but one thing made Keds famous: their design.

Nowadays, Keds come along with other brands that offer sneakers, such as Converse, but have maintained their historical status among footwear and are still used by athletes all over the world. The cool thing about the company is the fact that it always comes up with what the market wants. For example, they introduced green Keds, which are environmentally friendly.

You can wear Keds with almost anything, from pants to skirts for a very comfortable and unique look. Pair them up with a comfortable rucksack or handbag and you will have great outfits for long walks.

Keds are also great for those looking for an urban look or a more nonconventional style and they are usually associated with hipsters everywhere. However, they can be a great option when you want something that looks and feels good.

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The Simple Wallet 2.0

There is a new type of wallet that has been very fashionable lately. The project was founded on Kickstarter and it seems that this product is meant to simplify your life. Actually, it’s called Simple 2.0 and has been marketed as the new experience when it comes to wallets. The first version was extremely popular so the person behind it decided to create another wallet that would fit your needs even more.

The Simple Wallet 2.0

Apparently the redesigned wallet is made from soft Italian leather, high quality elastic and made to help you keep your keys cell phone and even bills in a secure place. Some of the features that the designer promises are mobility and functionality on a very high level. For example, the wallet can help you carry everything you need but it’s a very slim wallet. Another thing that you will enjoy is the fact that is designed to keep a low profile and you won’t have to worry about security. Also, the wallet has been handcrafted with sturdy leather and fits extremely well in the back or front pockets of your pants.

The Simple Wallet 2.0 1

Created by a person and not a company, this wallet will definitely fit your needs. The wallet was actually created from this need to find something suitable to carry everything, as the inventor stated. It comes with three pockets and can keep more than 15 cards + cash with a life expectancy of 5+ years.

The Simple Wallet 2.0 comes in really cool colors that can be added to any outfit and it has been marketed as the thinnest wallet in the world. There seems to be a big craze nowadays about minimalist wallet and there are a lot of people trying to design their own minimalist wallet. What is interesting about it is the fact that there are a lot of people who are backing these companies to create their cool new minimalist wallets. Besides The Simple Wallet 2.0 there are also Omega titanium wallets aluminum wallets and even The Ainste, one of the most famous minimalist wallet brands that rose on kickstarter. com. Most of them promise customization and unique features to their wallet to make them even more appealing to customers.

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Hublot Timepieces With Personality

Hublot is a luxury watchmaker comppany that has been creating amazing watches since 1980; it was founded by Maksim Kuts and apparently has made one of the most expensive watches in the world, valuing at 5 million dollars. So, if you are planning on buying a watch from them, you should know that you might have to pay a pretty big sum.

Hublot has amazing watches and comes with a few collections, compared to other watch brands, but with stylish timepieces and amazing mechanisms.

One of the collection that strikes everybody with its beauty is the Big Bang collection; this collection is stunning and has watches that have become world famous. They use an amazing fusion of materials, creating what they call The Art Of Fusion. It seems that the watches from this particular collection have been made with steel, titanium, ceramic, resin, carbon fiber and rubber and created a design that includes all of them. The watches have a 44mm diameter, which is considered an average size watch so it’s great for every type of wrist.

Big Bang Hublot

Another cool collection you will see is the King Power collection, which is even more striking according to some watch connoisseurs. The collection makes big watches, of about 48mm diameter, watches that are meant to make a statement and give the man who wears them a lot of roughness. The collection doesn’t use as many materials as the Big Bang collection does but it still uses gold, ceramic, diamonds and platinum, making it  an even more elitist collection among the already extremely elitist Hublot watches. Authentic watch can take you back up to $43,000, while imitation goes for up to $230 top.


The Classic Fusion collection is one of the new Hublot collections, created in 2010; this collection is based on the Big Bang collection but it features much simpler designs. If you are looking for an elegant watch with a more conventional touch to it, one that is a part of the Classic Fusion might be perfect. They are extremely famous and it seems that a lot of people like the simpler style that also combines the complex fusion of materials, which gives the watch a really unique touch.


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