Structured Bag

The structured bag is one of those trends that make modern looks seem extremely timeless. It has been featured on all catwalks and since 2012 it has been a trendy fashion item that never seemed to stop being a favorite. It has even been shown on catwalks that promote fashion for late 2014-2015 so you should definitely invest in one as soon as you can.

But most of you out there might think to themselves what a structured bag is, it can be seen on TV and a lot of celebrities have been seen with at least one type of this bag. The bag is distinct and made with interesting materials and in interesting styles. It has a lot of pockets, it comes with different styles of materials that are put together to create a contemporary, almost constructivist look. Most of these bags come in geometric shapes and with well put together patterns. Another thing you will appreciate when it comes to structured bags is the way they have been constructed to fit as many items and have a lot of storage options for optimum organization. Most women out there hate bags that don’t have a good organizing system and this is probably one of the main reasons why this type of bag has been so famous: the modern woman carries a lot of things and doesn’t want to waste time searching through her bag for what she needs.

The popular shades of most structured bags are complementary colors in a set of geometric designs but you can try switching to more pastel colors as they are the next year’s trend. You can even get a bag that has very bright colors in contrast with pastels or have one made for you. A lot of designing companies are offering custom made bags according to their client’s needs. Those who want an even bigger contrast can choose a timeless black and white design for their structured bag, a design that is not only tasteful but also works with all kinds of outfits. To make it timeless and be sure that you can wear it for years to come you can try getting a more classic shape. Continue Reading