Men’s Fashion Items – The Tie

Starting with the assumption that you have a suit, the tie should be the first accessory that comes to mind. This decorative piece of fashion can really complete a look and while it may appear to be simple, choosing the right tie for a certain occasion can be a very demanding process. Nevertheless, there are new designs that come out every season and it is recommended to buy a new one at least this often.

It all depends on the person and how often the suit is worn. For those that wear a suit every day it is better to have a wide variety of choices available and never wear the same one twice in a row. This means that a new tie should be bought quite frequently and it is a good choice to stay up to date with the latest changes in design and color.

While the classic suit is a part of formal wear, the trend to wear it as a casual fashion item has become quite popular nowadays. This means that it is loose around the neck and with a couple of buttons unfastened on the shirt. The slim designs are the ones preferred for this look but a classic tie can also work as long as it doesn’t have a rich color scheme.

Although the concept has been around for centuries it is one of the most modern fashion items available for men and it gets reinvented every season. It can be easy to match it with your style and it is always a nice touch. Continue Reading

Men Fashion Trends

If we take a look at the fashion trends for men for this season, we can make a pretty good idea what to expect for spring next year. Although it may seem too far away, it is never too early to start thinking about which trends will be in fashion next season or the season after that. This can help you prepare yourself better and make sure that you get the best deals for the outfits you like most.

The colors are very important and for spring it is expected that colors like orange and green will play a big role. Such colors were already strong this year and we can only expect them to become even stronger so if you were thinking about buying those green pants, maybe now would be the perfect time.

As far as suits go, they play a big role in fashion for men so, we can expect to see loose suits such as we do now but taken a bit more. In average, men fashion trends change a lot slower than women fashion trends and when it comes to suits, this is even slower. The good thing is that if you buy a nice fashionable suit now, chances are that you will still be able to wear it next year without it seeming out of place. The double breasted blazer has already started to make a comeback and we expect to see a lot more of them in fashion shows.

That clean white which we saw for some seasons now seems to disappear. Instead, we have a dirty white, a color which is meant to show a rebellious side, which is what most fashion trends are about now; showing the individual within the masses.

Something which most of us won’t mind saying goodbye to is the skinny look. It looks like this style has had its time in the spotlight and it is slowly falling out of rank. To replace it, we have wider outfits which look much more comfortable. This is also available for suits and not just for street wear.

We can expect to see the big designers going back to the wider designs, the loose outfits and the longer lines. Since we know where fashion is headed, we can keep a look out on the items we like and make sure that we always look our best and that we follow the latest fashion trends. Continue Reading