Plus Size Clothes Tips

Being on the plus size might be a little uncomfortable when trying to choose the right clothes. There are a few things you should do if you are trying to look thin but the most important things are those that you should avoid.

If you want to wear pants you should always choose dark brown, black or dark blue colors, they tend to make your legs thinner and longer. Also, you can try wearing vertical stripe pants with thin lines or even patterns as long as they are small. If your stomach is a problematic area you can always opt for tops that are flare in that area like baby doll tops.

Another way to look thin and elongate your body is by wearing high heels or platforms. Also, covering yourself with clothes might seem a good idea but it’s not. Covering yourself will only attract attention to your body and will make you look even more plus size.

Other things that you should avoid are low rise pants or jeans, they will give you what the fashion police calls a “muffin top” where the fat on your hips is over the belt line of your pants. Skinny jeans are also unacceptable so don’t even try wearing them unless you have really thin legs. Another thing that needs to be avoided is mid-calf high UGG boots and also big patterns on your clothes.

Being on the plus size is not the end of the world, some women look better with curves so make sure that you enjoy yourself and you feel comfortable with what you are wearing. Continue Reading