The Belt Pack

There is nothing more practical than a belt pack that is made for comfort and mobility. A belt pack is a great solution for those who want to carry their personal items in a secure place. This is why most people who go travelling get a belt pack. The belt pack is actually a small purse that you can wrap around your waist and easily access your money and documents. This small purse has a zipper and various pockets inside to keep your belongings secure. Salesmen and vendors also use belt packs because they are easily accessible and can give back change faster. However, they are also used as trendy fashion items, especially since major brands such as Diane von Furstenberg had them on their catwalk few years before. They were marketed as hands free bags and this made them even more popular, even if the price was about $300.

belt pack

The media gave even more attention to these bags when Rihana appeared wearing one and also when the designer Sang A Im-Propp created quite a fuss due to her belt bags. The bags created by her were sold with almost $2000 and they even featured alligator versions. Even Louis Vuitton had a few belt bags available for those interested and the whole idea that belt bags were something only middle aged travelers wore soon became forgotten making room for this new glamour trend.

Nowadays the belt bag trend has somehow dissipated but the glamour behind a high end belt bag still remains. Also, belt bags are so unusual among younger people and mainstream fashion, you might even get to be a trend setter. That is, of course, if you manage to wear it in a fashionable manner, meaning that you should choose well-known brands and make sure that it goes well with your outfit.

Besides wearing it as a fashion item, belt bags are also an incredible aid for runners or bikers because they don’t have to carry a bag around. This means that you can do your favorite activity on very long distances without worrying about your belongings falling and being lost in the process.