The Famous Dr. Martens Boots

Dr. Martens boots have been known for many years now. They became so popular among punk-rock bands that they have been a status symbol for rebels. The brand has become a British footwear brand that makes different products such as luggage, clothing or shoes, but before that it had an interesting history behind it. The boots were invented by Dr Klaus Märtens and when he injured his food while skiing he found that the boots he was wearing were very uncomfortable. The boots he was wearing were standard boots for the army and while he tried to walk in them, he couldn’t do it without pain so he decided he would make some modifications. He created a pair of boots with air-cushioned soles and leather. However, nobody bought his products but when he became partner with Dr. Herbert Funck, they started being a hit among people over the age of 40 because they were so comfortable.

Dr. Martens boots

Soon a factory was opened and a lot of factory workers and people who did heavy jobs used them. They were a great hit among the working class but they were soon to become fashion items that have been trendy for generations. In the early 70s skinheads started dressing with boots and Dr. Martens nicely made and comfortable boots were one of their options. By the 80s they become even more popular and when famous band members started wearing them, they were a massive hit. The company started manufacturing other leather products such as belts or luggage but nothing was so popular as the boots.

The boots made today are of the same good quality they used to be and they are great for those looking for something comfortable and chic. They used to be associated with rebel behavior but nowadays everybody has a pair and they have even been on the catwalks of some of the highest fashion designers. This urban trend is a great choice for those who want to experiment with punk fashion and are looking for the fashion items associated with it. Dr. Martens boots are definitely a big part of this subculture.