The Weekender Bag

The weekender bag is that sort of bag that you take away with you when you need to carry a lot of important items. The term weekender bag comes from the fact that people have getaways on the weekend, picnics or simple strolls in the park. The bag is perfect to carry your essentials and even more if you want to take with you.

The most important thing about the weekender bag is not necessarily its utility but its versatility. The countless color combinations and the ease with which you can accessorize any outfit from the casual to the elegant makes the weekender bag more than a fashion item; it transcends that very tough to cross barrier of a useful fashion item. Another great thing about the weekender bag is the ease with which it can be worn by both women and men, making it extremely useful no matter what sex you are.


A weekender bag can be combined with a pair of jeans, with casual trousers and even with skirts. It can be carried to your office on days when you have to take a lot of work with you home and it can be carried when you go outside with your child and you need to carry their things. Another common use for the weekender bag is the fact that it can be easily worn during short travel trips as you can easily pack your basic necessities and take it with you on the plane.

They come in so many varieties for all kinds of taste and in all sizes. You can order a smaller weekender bag or a bigger one if you want to fit more things inside. Also, the bags are decorated in so many ways that you can easily find a sports weekender bag with simple lines and just a few colors but also glamour weekender bags that come encrusted with diamonds and other precious stones giving you that bling feel.

Why is the weekender bag important? Because unlike many fashion items that are beauty related is offers a practical use without sacrificing a chic look.