Thom Dolan – The New Androgynous Style

If you are looking for that fashion designer that will give you a new approach to a style but also with enough experience to make sure that you get exactly what you want from your outfits, this is definitely the designer you want. The person we are talking about is a great new, but actually experienced fashion designer called Thom Dolan. She has been working in the fashion industry for 20 years now with companies like Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani or Bill Blass, so you know that he has been learning from the pros how to create amazing outfits.


Thomasine Dolan lives with her husband and 3 children in Manhattan and always thought that men’s tailoring would be a great addition to women’s fashion. Attention to details, bold and straight lines are just a few elements that make her designs absolutely unique, not just the great fabrics and cool combinations. It almost makes us think a bit about Paris, with the tomboy look and the short hair some of the French collections used to have in the 90s, but definitely with a more modern approach. Another great thing that we have to mention about her collection is the fact that she uses handcrafted fashion accessories to improve her clothes, so if you are looking for something unique, she definitely has everything you need. One of the other elements that are important to her collection and are definitely a signature for her clothes is her use of exquisite fabrics; she absolutely loves having good fabrics that not only wrap the body, but also give it what it needs from a piece of clothing.

The vintage touch that can be seen in most of her clothes is definitely refreshing and she doesn’t go for the old vintage feel, she just goes for the elegance and simplicity we were able to find in old clothes collections. Also, you will definitely notice the relaxed and effortless look her clothes will bring but also that New England feel. If you are one of those people who consider themselves snobs when it comes to fashion and definitely want to stand out, but you also have a fixation on good fabrics, Thom Dolan will definitely impress you.