Trends For Women

Summer is here and in a few months autumn will definitely delight us with its beautiful trends. Here are some tips on the most interesting pre-fall trends for 2012 and they will definitely impress you as much as they impressed us. Some of them are very beautiful and classy, while other might not please all people, but certainly most of them they are quite different than we expected.

Passionate Red

Passionate Red

Whether it is the color of the wine you drink with your loved one or simply a color that resembles the passion you both share, red will always be a classic choice when it comes to most things. Also, red will be the main color this fall as most designers included a lot of red elements in their fashion shows. This means that you will see a lot of class and beauty on the streets this fall.

Kitsch Look

Yes, you read that right, this fall the kitsch look is quite trendy. With all the flower patterns, all the bold accessories and all the bright colors that are in trend this summer, the Kitschy look was expected somehow. This will include mostly faux pas items and they seem to be quite pleasant on the pre-fall fashion shows. Big details, neon and artistic abstract prints but also extremely bright combinations of colors will be the main element the next fall.


PETA will not be happy with the fur that has been showed on the pre-fall catwalks. It seems that most designers have added fur in their collections, if not complete outfits of fur, at least a few patches on some of the items.

Floral Patterns

It seems that floral patterns will be a big trend during fall too as it has been for spring and summer. Fortunately, you will be able to experiment with it more and even add some autumn colors or prints that would make it more of a fall look, not just a summer look. So if you were planning on using the same clothes as this season, you will probably have to pass that. But flowers were always beautiful and feminine so we are glad this trend will live for another season.