White Jeans

Everybody has a pair of jeans, they are great and comfortable, but there’s a lot of controversy when it comes to white jeans because not all people like them. White jeans can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you view them. Here are some of the biggest advantages of owning a pair of white jeans, but also some of the biggest disadvantages that come while wearing them.

Wearing white jeans might make you look trashy – but this can be easily avoided if you don’t wear high heels. Yes, you can definitely wear high heeled boots but avoid stilettos as they will make you look a bit cheap. Other types of shoes are also great such as flats or even sports shoes, so wear those instead.

White jeans can show a lot of your problems – it’s understood that you shouldn’t wear white jeans if you are overweight unless you choose a long shirt that will cover the parts that are problematic. On the other hand, even if you don’t have problems with your weight, you might find it useful to buy a pair of jeans that is a little smaller, hoping that the light color won’t make you look that fat. This is a big mistake because white jeans will show you your imperfections more if you try to squeeze into a smaller size.

White jeans are elegant – the great thing about them is the fact that they look more elegant than the classic blue jeans so you can wear them in most social encounters. Also, they are perfect for summer because the color doesn’t attract much light so if you like wearing jeans during the summer they are definitely the best option.

You need to be careful with white jeans and white clothes in general because they can get dirty really fast, so this is why most people don’t wear them. Pay attention where you sit or what comes in contact with your jeans and you will be safe. Unfortunately, white jeans are great fashion items to wear, but they usually require a lot of work and people find it tiring to wear them every day, due to the constant checking so that they don’t get dirty.