Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fake Bags

Designers’ bags are much coveted fashion accessories, but they can be unreachable for many women. Sometimes it seems that no matter how much you will save this month you will not be able to afford yourself the luxury of buying that Fendy or Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Dolce and Gabanna bag that you so much would like to have. What you do in this case? You run to the nearest fair or to a specialized website that sells replica bags? There are so many reasons for which you should actually refrain from acting upon your first impulse, but here are some of the arguments that should convince you not to buy fake bags:

A fake will always look fake


Let’s imagine a very plausible scenario! Your favorite fashion house has just launched a cute new purse that you would so much want to have. You have seen it on many celebrities and you even dream of it every night. You walk down that commercial street in your hometown and here it is! Hidden in a corner of a nameless shop! You get it, you ask to see it and you look at the price. Your wonderful little gem bag looks exactly like the one you dreamed of, but costs a fraction of the price. Can it be true? Not really! Look back again! A fake will always look fake. No matter how much they struggle, counterfeiters miss a few essential details that will enable fashion experts to spot a replica bag from the crowd. Do you want to be in that position of being caught by your friends’ vigilant eye that you are wearing a fake bag?

Low price means low quality

Have you ever wondered why fake bags are so cheap? It’s simple! While high end products use top notch quality materials, whether we are talking about leather, canva or fur, fake bags use low quality raw materials that not only do not look the same, but they have no resistance in time and they can put your own health in jeopardy. Try to feel the leather of that fake bag you are so willing to buy. Then take a trip to the nearest flagship store of the respective brand and see how the real thing feels. Is it the same? You know the answer by now, but do it if you want to be sure about it.

Legality issues

When it comes to legality issues, fake bags relate to many topics, including copyright for artistic work, illicit trade, unethical competition, and child labor. Designers put a lot of effort, creative work, time, and talent into coming up with new bag models. When buying fake bags, you encourage people who steal the result of their work, not to mention that these products usually come from countries where kids are exploited and send to work and that most of these shipments are illegal.  Fake bags are usually sent to Western countries hidden in different forms and without any accompanying documents.